Invite People to Your Group

Group Leader Resources

Use these tips and tools to help advertise your group and invite new people to join.

Advertising Your Group on the Group Tool
  1. Make it public. Go to and click Edit Group. When prompted, select public and save.
  2. Post it on social media or share the link. Use the icons on your group detail to copy a direct link to your group to post on social media. Or pick the link icon to send the link directly to a friend.
You may want to edit your group post if...
  • It’s too churchy. Think through the lens of someone who isn’t quite sure about the whole God thing. Would they want to join your group when they read the description? Tweak the language to make it safe for anyone to come.
  • It’s too broad. If you’re just a men’s or women’s group, it may get lost in the sea of groups in the Tool. What makes your group unique? Add some other keywords to describe you and your group that would appeal to the people you want to attract.
  • It’s too niche. Is your group only for men who play basketball while unicycling? It may be hard to attract a lot of people. Consider broadening the scope of your group so that more people can join.
Advertising Your Group on Social Media

Take a bright, clear photo of you and your group (it’s best if you’re doing something interesting like eating together, playing dodgeball or enjoying a beverage on the porch).

Add a caption saying something along the lines of "we love doing X, Y, and Z, and we love it even more having a great group of people to do it with. If anyone else wants to give X, Y, or Z a try, this is the place for it."

Share on whatever you social medium you and your friends use most (or all of them!) with a simple way to reach out to you "Send me a message/text me/anyone's welcome to hang out with us - just let me know!" etc.

Want to invite your neighbors to your Group?

Download and edit these invitations that you can print to put in their mailboxes.