You are pouring out for others, and you deserve to grow too.

This is your one-stop shop for growing as a leader.

Your story, home, family, faith and humble charge to lead others matters. But leading can be tough, so we want to invest in you. Receive resources and training to maximize your gifts as you lead your group.

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The videos, in-person trainings, and experiences below are powerful tools for growth. You can go through them on your own, or with your group:

Leader Video Series

Rock your group-leading world and grow you into a city-changing leader. Work through these videos at your own pace, and help this really stick and impact your group by talking with your coach.

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Next Steps

Learn Crossroads culture, discover your gifts and passion and how to be used well. Plus you may meet some folks to invite to your group.

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Listening Training

A great leader listens and helps people hear from God for themselves. Whether “pastor” is a natural gift for you or not, grow in it and deepen your emotional and relational intelligence to help your group thrive.

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Story Formed Life

Get your mind blown by the epic story of the Bible, and find your place in it.

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Critical Skills

Train in the skills of a disciple like walking in authority and power, overcoming strongholds, and being a voice of freedom for others.

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Get discipled for a year and learn reproducible skills to create more disciple-makers.

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Ministry 101/201

Get trained and released to heal, care for and strengthen others. Walk in topics like baptism, worship, repentance and prophecy as ministry tools to serve others.

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GO on a trip

GO on a life-changing adventure with your people

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CAMP together

Sign up as a Trip Captain or Campsite Host and have your people sign up to camp in your group.

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Leader Podcast

New episodes are released twice a month, and you can come back for refreshers anytime.

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