Your leadership is worth investing in.
You give your time, energy, prayer, and variety of skills to lead your group well. Not only are you making space for others to grow, but you’re growing too. The Summits are the two times a year we rally leaders together to re-calibrate where we’re going as a team by focusing on you.

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2019 Site Summits

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“The best thing you can bring to your leadership is your own transforming self.” - Ruth Haley Barton
Or as Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ”.

Site Summits are coming soon.
And here are three reasons you need to be there

Invest in you.
You are the critical component in helping more people know Jesus in your circles of influence. Start off the year with a couple hours of investing in you — each piece is designed to help you be the leader you were made to be.

Get equipped.
Learn how to build into those around you with practical tools to call out the gifts you see in them. And connect with other leaders who are on a similar journey.

Remember why we do this.
Your life is worth imitating. As we all continue to grow and lead others, we’ll get to experience more of the Kingdom. (Site Summit picks up where the National Summit left off. Catch up or get a quick refresher.)

2019 National Group Leader Summit


January 26, 8:30am-12pm
Childcare and breakfast provided.

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February 9, 8:30am-12pm
Optional lunch after.

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Downtown Lexington

January 26, 8:30am-12pm
Andover Chapel
Childcare and breakfast provided.

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East Side

February 9, 8:30-11:45am
Breakfast provided

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January 7, 6:30-8:30pm
Student Section
Childcare and snacks provided.

RSVP for Florence


January 26, 8:30am-12pm
Andover Chapel
Childcare and breakfast provided.

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January 12, 8:30-11:30am
Childcare and breakfast provided.

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Oakley (option 1)

January 19, 8-11:45am
Student Section
Breakfast provided.

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Oakley (option 2)

January 26, 8-11:45am
Student Section
Childcare and breakfast provided.

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January 29, 5:15-7pm
Dinner provided.

RSVP for Oxford


January 26, 8:30am-12pm
Andover Chapel
Childcare and breakfast provided.

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January 10, 6:30-9pm
Dinner provided.

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West Side

February 13, 6-8:30pm
Childcare and dinner provided.

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2018 National Group Leader Summit

Leaders took a deeper step into disciple-making at the 2018 National Summit. As a leader, your life is worth imitating. People are looking to you for inspiration and skills to grow.

Catch up on anything you might have missed or get a quick refresher as you lead.

Session 1:
Worship + Keynote

Leaders are made to live a life that’s worth imitating. Karl Martin and Rich Robinson give insight on how to let those you’re leading have access to your life as you follow Jesus.

Final Session:

A life worth imitating requires vulnerability — showing the good, the bad and the ugly, and giving them access to those things outside of your group meeting.

Breakout 1:

Get some essential tools to lead your group well.

Breakout 2:

Invest in future leaders in your group.

Breakout 3:

Do some good in your ‘hood.

Breakout 4:

Leadership styles to meet people where they are.

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