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Flip your zip code. Join your Crossroads neighbors and be a force for good.

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Everybody wants to live in a great neighborhood. Good neighbors live in great neighborhoods. The Good Neighbor Project is about flipping neighborhoods across the city to reflect more of the Kingdom of God. Together we’re setting out to flip one person, one household, one street, one neighborhood, and one zip code at a time. We’ll help you take it one step at a time. Are you in?

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Meet Crossroads Neighbors

Get to know Crossroads’ Good Neighbors and people around you.

the art of knowing your neighbors

Get started: The Art of Knowing Your Neighbors

Being a Good Neighbor is simple, but not easy. Get started by knowing your neighbors. Download this handy chart that will help you build your relationships.

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good neighbor map

Get introduced to your Crossroads neighbors

When you sign up for Good Neighbor, we’ll make an email introduction to neighbors within a quarter-mile of you. You’d be surprised who lives around the corner!

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Grow in a Group

Become more like the neighbor Jesus would be. Learn to follow him and bring others along. Get started in a group locally.

the weekend follow up

Weekend Follow Up

Use these Weekend follow up questions in your small group, or join a Weekend follow up group on Zoom.

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intentional family

Intentional Family

Intentional Family is a collection of 3-week training modules designed to explore how parents can build Kingdom family culture for their households.

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Get Rooted and Grow

Rooted is a 10-week small group experience that connects people to God, the Church and their purpose. Sign up to learn more about Rooted in 2021.

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Serve Your Neighbors

Get out there and start flipping! Here’s what’s happening this month.

prayer walk image

Prayer Walk

Download a step-by-step guide (see what we did there?) to help you pray for your neighbors and invite God to work in your neighborhood. Keep a plastic bag handy for picking up trash as you go!

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how to love your neighbors image

How to love your neighbors during COVID

If you’re feeling like there’s nothing you can do for your neighbors during COVID-19, think again. This How-To Guide includes 4 practical ways you can bring Jesus to your neighborhood with radical love.

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Volunteer in your Neighborhood

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Good Neighbor Spotlight

Gail and Dale founded Side-By-Side (SBS) and began serving meals to the Colerain football team, taking one step at a time to serve neighbors, share gifts and support their community. Local food pantries are getting stocked with food and books because of SBS volunteers, with some kids reading books at home for the first time.

Watch a video about Side-By-Side More about Side-By-Side

Larry and Patsy moved to Avondale to build relationships and serve their neighbors on Hutchins and Lexington Avenues, then began SALT Ministries. They’re transforming the lives of kids with tutoring, reviving blighted homes and empty lots, and loving their neighbors practically day-by-day.

More about SALT Ministries