Before you sign up, read through these three brief instructions.


Does everyone sign up separately?

If you’re a single adult, you’ll sign up yourself. If you’re married, you can sign up your spouse and/or your family if they want to serve together.


What if my friend is officially leading a project and I or my family want to be on their team?

Answer “yes” when asked if you’re serving with a group. Select the project leader’s name from the list and you’ll be placed on their team.


What if I live in Ohio or Kentucky, and I don't know a leader, but still want to volunteer on a project with a friend or a group?

You definitely can! Her are a few things to keep in mind before you sign up:

  • Find out who wants to serve together and the ages of any kids that might serve.
  • Pick a first, second and third choice of projects. Some are more kid-friendly than others. If you’re not sure your kids will have fun or be helpful, you might want to make other arrangements for them that day.
  • Pick the name of one member of your group to be the “Group Connector.” Everyone in your group will select this name when they sign up.
  • If you’re the Group Connector, sign up yourself (plus your family) and answer “yes” when asked if you’re serving with a group. Then, name yourself the “Group Connector” and pick the group’s first, second and third choice for a project.
  • Now everyone else in your group can sign up. They can select the “Group Connector’s” name from the list after selecting to serve with a group.

Serving in an Anywhere community?

Select Anywhere and you’ll be prompted for your zip code. If there’s a project in your city it will appear and you’ll sign-up yourself and/or family.

No Anywhere project in your city?

Visit the “Discover other opportunities in your city” page to learn how you might organize a GO Local project.


Still have questions? Email