Got questions? We’ve got answers.

When I can sign up for GO Local?
Now! Sign ups are open until May 1st at midnight.

Does everyone sign up separately?
If you’re serving on your own, you can sign up for yourself.

Can I serve with my family?
You bet! Just one person needs to sign up from your family so you can serve together.

What if I want to serve with a big group of friends?
Awesome. just make sure they all sign up individually (even if you're all joining the same group), that way there are enough supplies for everyone.

When are projects happening?
There are multiple time slots for May 13-19. Pick which day and time works best for you!

What if I can't find a project in my city?
We'll help! Drop us an email at

Do I need to bring supplies?
Your project leader will communicate with you if there are any needs.

What do I wear?
Definitely clothes that can get dirty (or just sweaty). Work pants and a plain white T-shirt are perfect.  Basically, don't bring your designer jeans.