GO Trips
Info Session FAQS

Covid Vaccination Requirements:

  • Do I have to be fully vaccinated to go on a trip?
    Currently, Nicaragua, Nepal, Puerto Rico, and South Africa trips require all participants to be fully vaccinated for Covid. Booster is not required at this time. We will continue to work closely with our partners to provide the most up to date information. Please note that the vaccine requirements are being imposed by the country itself and/or the partners that we work with. This is to ensure the health and safety of every trip participant and community we will be serving.
  • How recent must you be vaccinated before a trip?
    You should have received your second dose no later than 14 days prior to your departure date.

Covid Testing:

  • Do I have to get a Covid test to go on a trip?
    Yes, all trips will require a negative Covid test within 48-72 hours prior to departure unless otherwise stated.
  • Will we be getting covid tested while we are on the trip?
    No, you will not be subject to a Covid test during the trip unless it is necessary due to illness.
  • Will we have to get tested before coming home?
    For all international trips, you will be required to have a negative Covid test within 24 hours of your return to the U.S. We will do this as a team.

Medical Emergencies:

  • What happens if I test positive for Covid and cannot return to the U.S. with the group?
    Every trip participant will have travel insurance (included in the cost of your trip). This covers medical emergencies and the cost of lodging and flight changes if you would need to quarantine. We will make sure you are immediately quarantined to keep everyone safe. Our partners to ensure your safety and that you are taken care of. You will head back home once you have tested negative.
  • Will there be access to call home to notify family members that we arrived safely? Can my family notify me if there is a problem at home?
    Yes, in most locations you should be able to use your cell phone...just make sure you have an international calling plan. We will also provide contact info to leave with your families in case of an emergency.
  • What happens if someone were to get sick/injured while on the trip?
    Each participant will have travel insurance (included in the cost of your trip) which will cover any medical emergencies.

Cancelled Trip Funds:

  • If we already have a credit from 2020, will the deadline to use that credit be extended in the event the trip is canceled?
    In the event that you are registered for a 2022 trip and it is cancelled because of Covid, you will have until December 31, 2023 to use that credit.
  • If the pandemic results in trip cancellation, what happens? Refund? Trip postponed?
    In the event that your 2022 trip is cancelled because of covid, you will have until December 31, 2023 to use that credit.
  • What if someone gets sick with Covid or something else that doesn't allow them to travel? Is there a refund or rescheduling?
    There are no refunds for trip cancellations or changes, regardless of who is responsible for the change. If Crossroads cancels a trip, you will be able to transfer to another available 2022 or 2023 trip. If you withdraw from a trip for any reason other than Covid or medical reasons, there is no refund, but we will work with you on a case by case basis to try to get you rescheduled on a different trip.

Travel related questions:

  • I will need to get a new passport. Do you have locations that you recommend people go to in order to do that?
    Your local post office is a great place to apply for or renew a passport. Your local public library may be another option.
  • Are we responsible for providing our own travel to the GO site?
    Once you are registered for a trip, we handle all the logistics including travel, lodging, meals, etc.
  • Are international flights the same as domestic planes? Just anxious about being on a plane that long.
    These longer flights are on much larger planes than any of the domestic planes. So you have more room to get up and stretch your legs, a small tv to watch in flight movies and meals. Most people get some really great sleep!
  • Does everyone have to fly out of Cincy? Or how does that work?
    Most trip participants depart from Cincinnati. However, if you do not live in Cincinnati, we will work with our travel agent to get you to the international departure city.
  • We have many frequent miles and would like to potentially use the miles to pay for our fight. Is it possible to use our miles and decrease the cost of the trip?
    No. We work hard to get great group rates for flights, so we don’t allow use of frequent flyer miles, unless you want to use them for the entire group….just kidding! You can earn miles!!
  • I have a current passport. What other logistical items do I need to have in place/consider for overseas trips? Vaccinations?
    Vaccinations are a consideration for travel to many countries, so you should consult with your doctor and the CDC websites when planning to travel to another country. We will go over logistics at your pre trip meeting.

Trip specifics and funding questions:

  • What are the exact dates for each trip? How do you know how much the trips cost?
    You can find all the details about every trip at crossroads.net/go/all-trips/. This includes information about the dates, cost, partners, age restrictions, lodging, etc. Everything is covered in that price except for souvenirs and airport food.
  • After registration, when we pay our deposit, will it go towards the full cost?
    Yes, all deposits, payments, and donations go toward the full cost of the trip.
  • What type of fundraising is available?
    Every trip participant will receive a personal trip page that includes a link you can share with your friends and family for them to donate. All other Fundraising best practices will be shared as part of preparation for the trip. All donations to fund your trip are tax deductible for the giver.
  • Are married couples or families able to fundraise together through one account?
    Each trip participant will have their own account and fundraising links. Minors will be under the parent or guardian's account, but still have their personal fundraising link. It is possible to move funds from one account to the other if someone raises more than they need. You can talk to your trip leader about those specific details.
  • If you do everything that you can to raise the money but still fall short, is there a bank of funds that could make up the difference?
    Your trip leader will work with you to make sure you are successful in your support raising efforts.
  • Are there any trips that minors can go to with their parents?
    Age restrictions per country:
    • South Africa - 12
    • Puerto Rico - 13
    • Alabama - 14
    • Appalachia - 14
    • Nicaragua - 10
    • Nepal - 18
  • Is there any way we can see the specifics of the lodging for the trips? (i.e.: woman / men, how many people per room / bungalow)
    Yes, all lodging is listed under each trip. Men and women are separated unless you are married. If you have a specific question about a specific location, email go@crossroads.net.

Miscellaneous questions:

  • We have a compassion sponsored child in Nicaragua. Will we be able to meet them?
    Unfortunately, because of Covid we will not be able to visit Compassion kids in 2022. We hope we can begin to do Compassion child visits in 2023.
  • I didn't hear India listed - do we no longer go there?
    We are still involved in the work being done in India. Because of Covid and government restrictions (like mandatory quarantines) we can’t visit India in 2022. We hope and pray that we can return in 2023!
  • When on a GO Trip, is it possible to volunteer for half the day? That would allow for me to work while on the trip.
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. We typically depart our lodging facility in the morning to go work in the community. Logistics and transportation would make this challenging. We also encourage you to disconnect from your normal day-to-day life and really engage in what we are doing.
  • I see there are certain groups for the trips (e.g. young adults, online church, sites, etc.). Does it matter which trip we join if the date is more convenient?
    Sometimes. For example, if you are not in college or college age, you probably would not want to join the college trip. But you could definitely join another site’s trip if the timing works better. Site based trips are intentionally designed to have people from the same site community go through the trip experience together. That does not mean you cannot sign up for a trip that is organized by a site other than yours. You will still have a great experience and hopefully make lasting relationships.
  • As a first time "go trip" person, can you suggest one that would be good for me to start with?
    Any trip will be impactful. Feel free to check out each location and the partner we work with to determine which trip tugs at your heart.
  • Are there specific masks you need to have?
    No. Choose a mask that is comfortable for you. Keep in mind that airlines may have specific instructions on what masks are or are not acceptable.
  • Is there a need for medical people on any of the trips?
    Currently, we do not have any medical trips planned, but we anticipate that there will be trips in the future if the need arises.
  • Can you address the typical meals for the locations?
    This varies by country, but we generally eat what is provided by our partner or hotel. So expect to eat Indian food in India, etc. There are usually some American meal options on international trips. If you have diet restrictions, let your trip leader know and we will do our best to accommodate those requests.
  • I'm vegan and wonder if my plant based diet will be ok for a go trip; will vegan options be available?
    Yes. However, some people choose to bring granola or protein bars just in case.
  • I'm curious about language barriers. Will there be a translator?
    Our partners are fluent in both English and the native language.
  • Can you participate in GO trips if you have some physical limitations?
    Absolutely! If you have specific circumstances email us at go@crossroads.net.
  • I know there is a fun activity one day, is there time to have solo time or can we explore for a set amount of time apart from the group at any time during the trip or is the group together for the whole duration?
    Trip schedules and safety considerations vary per trip. Each trip is designed for you to be immersed in the culture. We typically don’t want participants to go off on their own.
  • How will overnight accommodations be handled? Will vaccinated people be roomed with others that are vaccinated?
    Unless required, we may not know the vaccination status of people on all trips, but you can work with your trip leader to let them know what you want. No promises!
  • What are the safety protocols in place while we are there? Are we a target being missionaries in another country?
    Generally, if there is a major concern, we would not make the trip. Otherwise, we practice safety protocols (like staying together as a group) while we are in another country.
  • Once a trip is full, is there any possible way to still go?
    No, sorry! Once a trip is full, it’s full.
  • We are interested in going on a trip as a family of 6. Is lodging possible together or should we plan/prepare to be separated?
    For some trips, it’s possible. But expect that you’d be split into different rooms. Talk to your trip leader.
  • How does the Appalachia carpool work?
    Once all trip participants have signed up we'll have a discussion about who has vehicle capacity and is willing to drive. Crossroads will cover expenses associated with carpooling (example - gas). Should we have insufficient vehicle access we would rent a van(s).
  • What is the specific location in Puerto Rico?
    San Juan is the arrival city. The work takes place in multiple parts of the island. Dorado, Puerto Rico for the majority of the week, there might also be an opportunity to work at a coffee plantation in a town in the center of the island.
  • Besides fundraising, what sort of time commitment is there to meetings and planning between now and the trip?
    There are two pre-trip meetings you should plan on attending. You will get those dates as soon as you register and are approved for the trip.
  • What if you are not able to get off work to attend the two pre-trip meetings?
    Meetings will have a zoom option and will also be recorded. They are also in the evenings to accommodate most schedules. Talk to your trip leader.
  • Ideas on packing?
    We’ll go over this in your pre-trip meeting.
  • After deciding our trip, how soon will we meet others from the trip as well as the team leader?
    It depends on the trip, but in general you will meet everyone at your first pre-trip meeting which is 2 months before departure.
  • I have a MAJOR phobia with spiders! Terrified of them. Are spiders an issue in Nicaragua?
    This is an adventure! In Nepal, you will see monkeys almost everywhere you go. In South Africa, you might wake up to a wildebeest outside of your hut. Anything can happen :)

Please email go@crossroads.net if you have any additional questions.