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why go trips

Why GO Trips?

GO Trips are a part of the work Crossroads does with its partners locally and around the world to obey the clear call of God for the Church to lead the fight against poverty and injustice. This is one way we live out the commandments to love God and love one another.

fighting poverty

Fighting Poverty And Injustice

Poverty and injustice have their origin in mankind's broken relationships with God and with one another. When we do not seek God and do not value other human beings as equal to ourselves, we create a fertile field for such things as abuse of power, exploitation, warfare, discrimination, and much more. Poverty and injustice are a byproduct of this chronic brokenness. The restoration of these relationships - loving God and loving one another - is the motivation for many centuries of Christians sharing the gospel and caring for one another, especially those in need.

we engage in the fight

We Engage In The Fight

Crossroads and our partners seek to do this restorative work in the places where we have been uniquely called and gifted to focus. We have local partners, like CityLink Center in Cincinnati, wherever we have large sites. We also have partnerships in New Orleans, India, South Africa, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico. We don't just send financial support, we send volunteers who want to serve. These volunteers have an opportunity for an eye-opening and heart-changing encounter with life lived differently, the challenges faced by the great numbers of people living in material poverty, and the love of God in the midst of it all.