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The God Experiment

Perfect for: Anyone looking for answers to their questions about God and the Bible
When: Fall 2018

This is a 8-week group filled with people who don't know God, Jesus, and the bible. Bring your questions about who God is, whether or not He exists, and what it would mean to say “yes” to a relationship with Jesus. This is a space to ask any question (really any question) about who Jesus is and process with other people like you.

Childcare available (0-10 years old) *unless noted; no childcare registration is needed.

Florence (TGE)

When: Beginning September 16th, 2018
Childcare: Available

Sunday 11:15-12:20PM

Learn more about Florence Groups

Mason (TGE)

When: Beginning September 9th, 2018
Childcare: Available

Sunday 9:15-10:30AM

Learn more about Mason Groups

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