Why we go?

GO Trips have been a consistent part of Crossroads since 2006 because of their power to impact people’s lives for the better and to build community in our city and across the globe. We’ve found that when people leave their zip code and comfort zone, roll up their sleeves and get to work surprising things happen. This big church feels smaller. A passion for serving others is ignited. They have fun. They encounter God.

People GO for many reasons, but almost everyone who joins us for a GO Trip—whether a continent away in South Africa or down south in New Orleans—says they got more out of it than they expected.
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What makes Crossroads' GO Trips unique?


We are highly invested in relationships wherever we go. In India, Bolivia, South Africa, New Orleans, and Nicaragua, we partner with local organizations that are doing great work. (We strive for excellence and look for partners that do, too.) We always partner with a local church because we believe the local Church is called to care for the immediate community.

We base our work on what our partners say they need and what our strengths are. Our partners know their people and their communities best, so they tell us what they need. We then leverage our strengths, working alongside them to help them achieve their goals and set them up for long-term success. After all, they will be there long after we’re gone.


We welcome anyone on our trips—the Crossroads team, non-Crossroads people, friends and family from out of town, people from all over the faith spectrum—with a desire to serve. The only requirement is that you meet the age requirements for each trip.

Your first check point for going on a GO Trip is to ask yourself: Am I ready to check my ego at the door, get dirty, and venture into the unknown?

We don’t make you sign a statement of faith to go on a trip. Most churches would ask you to sign a statement saying that you fully subscribe to a list of religious beliefs. Instead, we have you sign an “I Promise” document that simply outlines your commitment to being a good team member.

Now, there are a few exceptions: Every year we have a few trips where the work requires you to have a medical degree or other specialized skills, or to be part of a specific group. If that’s the case, you’ll see that on the trip page.


Crossroads has worked to build trust and capacity in South Africa, India, Bolivia, Nicaragua and New Orleans, and we are very, very interested in those relationships becoming stronger over time. We’re invested for the long-term. So we use our GO Trips to push the ball a little further down the field and continue to build critical relationships on which transformational work can be accomplished.

When you GO, you’re helping to build relationships with our partners. Sure, you’re there to teach kids, eat new foods, build homes, or plant food. But we’re more apt to count the amazing stories and stronger partnerships rather than the number of teeth we pulled or abandoned properties we cleaned up.

Speaking of commitment, once you sign up for a GO trip, we're banking on you coming. Literally. Because we are required to book many travel plans well in advance, all funds associated with GO trips are non-refundable. 

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