support raising

What is support raising?
Support raising is generating the money you need to pay for your trip. You can either find creative ways to save your own money or you can ask friends and family to get involved. Don’t be scared. We’re here to help.

Why do I need to support raise?
You may not have the money to pay for your trip sitting in your bank account. Join the club. Neither do about 90% of the people who go on trips. But this club’s not like Fight Club, we do talk about it. And nearly everyone raised the funds they needed. Don’t let money stop you. Raising money is actually a very sweet part of this experience.

I’m not sure about this...
Breathe. Just keep reading. We have ideas to help. Don’t let fear keep you from going on a trip.

I don’t want to ask people for money.
Can I have $5? See, that was easy. But seriously, no one likes the idea of it. However, you may be surprised how much people want to help. What most people find is that friends and family really want to support you and will help out. Don’t say “no” for someone. Ask and let them decide. They may not have the ability to go on a trip, but would love to help you GO.

How do I support raise?
We could brainstorm ideas for hours. Below you’ll find best practices and a top ten list.

With over 10 years of experience helping participants support raise, there is one simple technique that stands out. Letters and emails to family and friends is by far the main source of support for most GO trip participants. We have templates to make it super easy for you. It’s amazing what a personal handwritten letter and a self addressed, stamped return envelope can do. Stamps? I know, right? They still exist. When people see how excited you are about going on a trip they will want to help you get there.

Also, be on the lookout for easy ways for you to save/earn a little extra money. Cut back on going out to eat, mow a few lawns, help someone paint, drop cable for a couple months. These are just the beginning.

Don’t let money stop you from a great GO Trip. These are just a few examples to help you reach your goal. When you are passionate about your trip and focused on making it happen, we are confident money will not stop you from this trip.

If you have questions, reach out to us at

Top 10 Support Raising Ideas:

1. Host a big dinner party for family and friends with a suggested donation amount. Share about the trip, what you’ll be doing while there, the partners you’re working with, and what you’re most excited about. Pasta or tacos can make big inexpensive meals.

2. Post the 30-30-3 Challenge to Facebook. Use this: “Hey friends. Help me do the 30-30-3 Challenge! I’m looking to get $30 from 30 people in the next 3 days to get me all the way to South Africa (that's 8,383 miles or an 18 hour flight. Wow). Will you accept the challenge? Go to (paste your support raising link here). Much love and gratitude!" Some may give $30, others may give more.

3. Speaking of social media, know how people use Facebook to raise money for charities on their birthday? If the timing is right, make a post on your birthday asking friends to donate to your trip. Tell them why you’re going and how excited you are.

4. Local restaurants such as Marcos, Chick-Fil-A, or City BBQ may be willing to have a GO trip night where a percent of sales go toward your trip. It’s worth asking!

5. Host your own wine or beer tasting event. Contact your local wine or beer merchant to see if they can offer any discounts.

6. Call your local Avon, 31, Tastefully Simple, etc. and host a home party. Tell friends and family it’s a fundraiser and many will donate a portion of the proceeds.

7. Ask your employer if they do any charitable matching. Sometimes the best donations come from the most unexpected places.

8. Have a yard sale! Don’t have a lot of stuff? Ask your friends to donate items for you to sell.

9. Create a circle sheet (like this one) and use social media to promote it. You could post something like, “Hey friends! I’m going on a GO trip with Crossroads Church and need to raise $1,000. Would you be willing to donate one of these amounts to get me there?” Tell people to tag themselves with the dollar amount they want to donate.

10. Make cool stuff and give it to people that donate. Mugs, shirts. Check out Fund the Nations, Etsy, and Cafe Press