Puerto Rico
December / All Church Trip

12/2/2023 - 12/8/2023

Puerto Rico is home to beautiful white-sand beaches, old San Juan, and rich culture and history. It’s also home to 3.4 million people with the highest poverty rate of any US state or territory, and an unemployment rate that’s double the national average. When hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, it ripped apart homes and businesses, and devastated already poor communities. It was one of the worst storms in US history, and communities there are still trying to get back on their feet.

We come alongside our partner, Hunger, as they continue laying the groundwork in Puerto Rico to establish long-term relationships and assess the changing needs there. We rebuild homes, support the day-to-day needs of communities, and bring hope to families whose lives have been forever changed.

It’s intense. It’s powerful. It’ll shake you up. In fact, it may just spark a whole new direction for your life. Each year, hundreds of people change their lives by taking trips around the world. Each trip builds cross-cultural bridges, sustainably improves the lives of locals, and creates lasting friendships for those sharing the experience.

Signup Deadline: 8/4/2023

When: 12/2/2023 - 12/8/2023

Deposit: $300

Size of Trip: 40

Crossroads Community: Churchwide

Focus: Community Development

Audience: All

Minimum Age: 13

Restrictions: Background Check Required

Total Cost: $2,150 

Day 1

Fly to San Juan where you’ll experience the culture and people that make Puerto Rico beautiful. Then, a tour of Old San Juan—one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and the most visited in Puerto Rico, will get your adventure started right.

Day 2-3

Work with our local partner, Hunger Corp and connect with the local community. The work will range from building a home in the community, to connecting with students at a local school, to supporting local coffee farmers.

Day 4

Serve the community, alongside Hunger Corp. Later, experience some “just for fun” moments like zip lining, riding a catamaran, visiting the rainforest, or taking a midnight kayak on the Bioluminescent Bay.

Day 5-6

Continue working with our partner, and local school and church families, and experience the breadth of God’s zeal for the community in which Hunger Corp serves.

Day 7

Explore the historical city of Old San Juan. Then, travel back home with memories of the beautiful community in Puerto Rico. Reflect on the ways you poured yourself out—with hard work, and an open heart.

We may be lodging a few steps from the beach in a beach house complex, or we may be staying in a cool urban hotel in proximity to Dorado. Regardless, the accommodations will be first class and the experience will be one to remember.

Hunger Corp

Hunger Corp has proven to be an amazing organization. Hunger has a bold vision in Puerto Rico and all over the Americas they work to move a generation towards service work. Their love for their neighbors is what fuels their work and is contagious to those that partner with them. By working with Hunger, you’ll find yourself working in a small community in Puerto Rico called “La Hormiga.” Work could look like building a house from scratch, to taking down parts damaged by hurricanes and building them to code. Hunger is focused on putting as much effort into the details of the projects they work on, as in the people they build into. Their model is one that is changing the way Christian organizations work in Puerto Rico and beyond, for the better.

What precautions will be taken for COVID?

  • A negative COVID-19 test is required within 72 hours before departure.
  • Follow CDC guidelines.
  • Follow all requirements of state and local authorities, as well as the rules of any vendors, venues, or partners that we visit or serve.
  • We will not require proof of the COVID vaccine to go on this trip which is consistent with Crossroads’ overall approach. However, if you are not yet vaccinated and are considering getting it, we want to encourage you to consider the time between doses and the departure date.

If you do contract COVID during the trip, you will need to quarantine. We do have insurance that will make any extra hotel, lodging, and medical expenses reimbursable to you up to certain limits.

How much does it cost?

$2,150. This covers your flight, room and board, work supplies, travel insurance, and meals on the ground. Meals at the airport, free day, vaccinations, and souvenirs are not covered.