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Join college students and our Uptown community as we work with our partners to rebuild homes, support the day-to-day needs of communities that have experienced great loss, and bring hope to families whose lives have been forever changed by devastating hurricanes. We’ll come alongside our partner, Hunger, as they continue laying the groundwork in Puerto Rico to establish long-term relationships and assess the changing needs there. Get a front-row seat to experiencing life transformation in the lives of the communities you serve, and also in yourself.



Change that will last

We partner with organizations to build lasting and effective change.

Hunger Corp

Hunger Corp has proven to be an amazing organization. Hunger has a bold vision in Puerto Rico and all over the Americas they work to move a generation towards service work. Their love for their neighbors is what fuels their work and is contagious to those that partner with them. By working with Hunger, you’ll find yourself working in a small community in Puerto Rico called “La Hormiga.” Work could look like building a house from scratch, to taking down parts damaged by hurricanes and building them to code. Hunger is focused on putting as much effort into the details of the projects they work on, as in the people they build into. Their model is one that is changing the way Christian organizations work in Puerto Rico and beyond, for the better.

Hunger Corp


You have questions? We have answers.

Where are we headed?

The Enchanted Island - Puerto Rico. Specifically, we will be touring Isla Verde as we arrive just to grab a quick bite. We will then head to Vega Alta/Dorado area, where will stay/work respectively with our partner organization Hungercorp. Hunger is a pretty well established organization working to transform Puerto Rico and this generation.

Why are we going?

The year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, a group of Crossroads folks (34 people) decided to travel to Puerto Rico following a prompt from God. The opportunity to help was there, the transformation experienced by the folks was out of this world. God was clearly setting the stage for work that would last several years and would start a partnership that would turn into a deep friendship. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

How much does it cost?

$1,400. This covers your flight, room and board, work supplies, and meals on the ground (meals at the airport,free day, vaccinations, and souvenirs are not covered).