The Academy

Commitment: High
Perfect for: Adults, families

Change your life by seeing the world through someone else's eyes.

Key partners include:

Lexington: Breckinridge Elementary, Crawford Middle School, all high schools
Richmond: Glenn Marshall, White Hall Elementary
Georgetown: Garth Elementary, Eastern Elementary


Help students (grades K-5) with reading or math during the school day at Breckinridge Elementary. Help with leadership training for students in 6-8 grade every other week at Crawford Middle. Various opportunities for leadership development with high school students.


Help run this weekly program where students (grades 2-5) receive tutoring and exposure to the arts and life lessons. Time commitment is every week. Opportunities include:

Lexington: Monday and Thursday at Woodhill Community Center
Richmond: Thursday at Richmond Campus
Georgetown: Mondays and Wednesdays

Sign ups coming this fall.


Build a relationship with an at-risk student (ages 4-16) on their turf. Time commitment is at least four hours each month. Get to know their families, introduce them to your friends, go to a baseball game, bring them to Crossroads...anything that shows the child that you care, and that you are a trusted part of his or her life. Mentoring is through Amachi. You must commit for at least one year. If this is something you're interested in, please contact Destini Engle.

If you have additional questions pertaining to Academy or Amachi, please email your site specific contact:

Lexington/Andover: Justin Biragane
Richmond: Tami Dobbins
Georgetown: Heather Johnson

I grew up without much but I have been blessed. So when I retired, I decided I wanted to work with these kids who have their own challenges. I didn't know I would be on the receiving end instead of the giving end. These kids bring me so much joy! It takes the kids a while before they decide they can trust you and they will test any boundary...but when I see them being proud of their work or standing a little taller because their confidence has increased, I stand a little taller too. When I see the kids being leaders and helping the other kids make better decisions, I know their lives have changed for the better and they are more likely to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This program changes lives and I'm pleased to be associated. It takes a village so they say. I want to be part of this village. I don't always look forward to coming to academy but I'm never sorry I came.