I AM Global Academy

International Tutoring

Commitment: High
Perfect for: Adults (18+)

No fancy skills needed. You don’t have to be a teacher or a technology genius to help change the lives of our students in India and Nepal. Join us in helping students on the other side of the globe increase their opportunities and secure their futures of freedom by improving their English skills. I Am Global Acdemy connects online tutors in Cincinnati with students in India/Nepal who are trafficking survivors or at-risk children, and prepares them for secondary education and gainful employment. I Am Global Academy volunteers have the opportunity to travel to India/Nepal on a team trip to meet their student each year.

Key Partners Include:

Apple of God’s Eye in Kathmandu, Nepal
Mahima Homes in Kolkata, India
Jeevan Aadhar Aftercare Homes in Mumbai, India
Freeset in Kolkata, India
Premanand Home in Kolkata, India


Tutor (Oakley):
Tutors commit to an 8-week session of weekly lessons. They tutor young women, children and adults from our partnering organizations, building relationships with their students and helping them progress in their English language skills. Lessons last around one hour one morning a week for 8 weeks. Weekday tutors arrive at 6:30am, and Saturday tutors arrive later on shifts.

Tech (Oakley):
Tech volunteers also commit to an 8-week session of weekly lessons. They help to set up the computers, headsets and equipment for the tutors so that their lessons can run smoothly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a technology genius to help! Tech volunteers set up before the lessons and help to tear down after they are over, totaling around 1.5 hours one morning a week for 8 weeks. Weekday techs arrive at 6:15am, and Saturday techs arrive later.

Curriculum Writer (Cincinnati, OH):
Curriculum writers meet about once a month as a team and work independently and in small groups, allowing volunteers to be as committed as their schedule allows. Writers help to prepare lesson plans, assess students’ proficiency and provide curriculum training to volunteers.

Get Involved: For more information about becoming an I Am Global Academy volunteer, visit us at iamglobalacademy.org.


Our Mission:
Equip and empower survivors of social oppression through education and relationships.

Who We Are:
We are international freedom fighters who achieve our work by leaning into the Holy Spirit, our partnerships, and our globe-spanning technology. Our innovative group of volunteers educate our international students through online technology platforms and individualized curriculum while building relationships that dramatically transform the lives of both our international students and our stateside volunteers.