I AM Global Academy

International Tutoring

Commitment: High
Perfect for: Adults (18+)

Empower youth and adults impacted by human trafficking abroad to increase their opportunities and secure their futures of freedom. By tutoring, providing ops/tech support, or being a curriculum creator, you can come alongside their journey to improve their English skills, prepare for secondary education, and secure gainful employment. I Am Global Academy connects online tutors in the United States with students in India, Nepal, Kenya, and South Africa who have survived human trafficking or are escaping generational trafficking and other forms of exploitation.

Key Partners Include:

Apple of God’s Eye - Nepal
Mukti - Nepal
Mahima Homes - India
Jeevan Aadhar Aftercare Homes - India
Greater Project - India and Kenya
Sikizana Child Rescue Center - Kenya
Build the Future - South Africa


Do you particularly enjoy one-to-one conversation? Do you like building into others and seeing them grow? You don't have to have formal teaching experience, you just have to have patience and a heart for encouraging others to learn. If so, be a tutor.

Are you the person people look to when someone asks, “Does anyone know how to...”? Are you a problem-solver extraordinaire? You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to love tech and troubleshooting. If so, be a techie. Techies help the tutors so that their lessons can run smoothly. They are available throughout the morning lessons for basic tech support and help coordinate with the partner teams overseas.

Do you have a penchant for languages or a passion for shaping meaningful learning experiences? Or do you just love writing, editing, and thinking about how others experience immersive things like reading? Teaching or curriculum writing experience are not hard requirements — you just need creative curiosity and a collaborative spirit. If so, be a creator. Creators put together multimedia lessons including games, stories, and assessments that help tutors facilitate tutoring and enable students to achieve their learning goals. They co-create culturally relevant and engaging materials based on feedback.

Hear more about the volunteer experience and making an impact with I Am Global Academy:

Get Involved: For more information about becoming an I Am Global Academy volunteer, visit iamglobalacademy.org/volunteer.


Our Mission:
With the power of learning and relationships, we fuel the futures of humans who have escaped trafficking or are escaping generational trafficking contexts.

Who We Are:
I Am Global Academy empowers individuals who are impacted by the human trafficking trade and prepares them for brighter futures through English education and one-on-one relationships. We envision a world where all are empowered to develop their voices and choose their own futures, including further education; life-sustaining employment; and life-long family and community leadership.
Our volunteers build our personalized learning tools and curriculum through a combination of existing online tools and in-house crafted storytelling. Our agile and creative learning experience system provides a framework and guide for our tutors while allowing for the flexibility to adjust for individual tutor and learner needs. We are always iterating based on tutor and learner input.