Build critical water systems in small villages, work and laugh alongside local Nicaraguans. Our ties to Nicaragua run deep—and you get to be part of taking new ground (plus getting a heart-lift in the process). We have trips for medical professionals, families, teachers, high schoolers and college students. All trips entail working alongside one of our partners building water systems, schools and relationships with the Nicaraguan people.



“Visiting our Compassion child and seeing the impact of beans and rice come to life on the ground in Matilde were experiences humbling us to see how we can make ripple effects of Gods love directly from our city all over the world."

Change that will last

We partner with organizations to build lasting and effective change.

Compassion International

At Crossroads, we’re seriously committed to Compassion International and the child-advocacy work they so passionately undertake. Their work releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult. Sponsoring a child is a huge part of this work, and so is visiting your child and taking that relationship to a whole new level.

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Amigos for Christ is a nonprofit organization that develops an intense and effective 7-year program that facilitates clean water getting into village homes, oral and physical health, community education, and economic development in rural Nicaraguan communities. We jump into work with Amigos every time we’re on Nicaraguan soil, because we trust and respect the way they’re revitalizing villages in simple but powerful ways.

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Rayo de Sol is a non-denominational, Christian organization sharing hope with children in Nicaragua through creative programming in education, nutrition, healthcare and community development. Our Crossroads partnership with Raya de Sol is critical to our educators-focused trip, allowing us to create cross-cultural relationships and share best practices in a whole new way.

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You have questions? We have answers.

Is it safe to travel?

Traveling internationally always has some level of risk and we don’t take that likely. Because of the recent political unrest in Nicaragua, the United States government has Nicaragua listed as a travel advisory three. With this information, we rely heavily on the partners who are living and working in Nicaragua every day to guide us and to provide us with accurate information. They have told us that roads have been clear and no violence has been seen where they are located in over six months. They are able to work and live like they had before the unrest started and are ready to host groups in 2019. We also have multiple plans in place in the event of an unforeseen situation.

Can I see my kid that I sponsor through Compassion?

Yes! We are setting one day aside for everyone to spend time with their sponsored child (or children). How sweet is that? Don't worry, Compassion will also have translators on site to help comprendes espanol. (AKA, understand Spanish)

Can I go if I don’t sponsor a child in Nicaragua?

Yes, we’d love to have you on the trip.