The Diner

Commitment: One-time serve
Perfect for: Groups, families

Prepare, serve and share a meal with the guests of City Gospel Mission. Often, a meal served with kindness is the first step on the road to recovery for the homeless and hurting men and women we serve.

Friday Evening Dinner
Sit down and share the meal, friendship and hope with the guests.

Second, third, fourth and fifth Fridays of every month.

Serving Opportunities

Be a cook:
Help prepare the meal for 150 guests and volunteers. We start at 4:30pm.

To sign up to be a cook, email us at

Be a server:
Set up the dining area and serve dinner to guests of City Gospel Mission. We start at 6:30pm.

To sign up to be a server, sign up here

Large Group Volunteers (10 or more)
To plan a serving date for your group, please email

As he bounced from place to place – staying in shelters, with a friend, with a cousin – Daryl grew so depressed he wanted to end his life. “I came close to stepping in front of a car and ending it.” But God had plans for him. “I have realized this place, City Gospel Mission, was a foundation.” Daryl’s life has gradually been restored. After a long battle with drugs and alcohol that saw him mostly absent from his three daughters’ lives, his family is being restored, too. He was able to save enough money while staying at the shelter for a few months and move into a home with his daughter and grandkids. “I have something to do the right thing for. I can’t let them fall by the wayside.”