June / All Church Trip #1

6/12/2022 - 6/17/2022

A trip to connect, to serve, to learn, and to grow. Why Alabama? To explore racial history in America in a place uniquely suited to do that and to take ourselves and our church to a new understanding of God's Kingdom and what His call is upon us in light of that. We’ll also be getting our hands dirty serving alongside partners in community. We may be renovating homes, feeding neighbors, and basically serving where our partners indicate the greatest needs exist. While we’re currently not clear on the serve opportunities, what we are clear about is this - God will use you to have impact. We’re confident you’ll also find your life being impacted along the way.

What we'll be doing in Alabama

Serve. For many years, the economically neglected and distressed community on the west side of Montgomery has been under-resourced (google “Washington Park - home to Campsite 4 on the historic trail from Selma to Montgomery”). We’re partnering with organizations that are committed to this neighborhood with God-sized visions. Whether renovating homes, feeding community, or serving in any number of ways, we need all skill levels.

Connect. We’ll develop and deepen relationships with others from your site, your site leadership, and the partners and people we meet in Alabama as you bond through a unique experience and shared mission. In the midst of this, your relationship with God may grow to a new place as well.

Learn. We’ll visit world-class museums and monuments to explore racial history in America and take ourselves and our church to a new understanding of God's Kingdom and what His call is upon us. (And you'll have some fun along the way…that’s important too!)

Signup Deadline: 2/11/2022

When: 6/12/2022 - 6/17/2022

Deposit: $200

Size of Trip: 115

Crossroads Community: Churchwide


Audience: All

Minimum Age: 14

Restrictions: Background Check Required

Total Cost: $1,200 

Day 1

Travel day. Take a daytime bus ride from Cincinnati to Lexington to Montgomery with some of your soon-to-be friends. Dress comfortably, bring a book or some headphones, and prepare to relax and enjoy the ride down Interstate 65. It’s gonna be a great day.

Day 2-5

We will serve, learn, connect, worship and reflect. Through museum visits, engagement with the community, and serving with our partners, you’ll experience historical cities (Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma) with critical roles in our country's history.

Day 6

Daytime bus ride back to Lexington and Cincinnati. Another chance to unwind and reflect while journeying home.

We’ll be staying in downtown Montgomery in a typical major city hotel with plenty of rooms, and all the usual amenities. There is also morning coffee and breakfast every day. Everyone on the trip gets a roommate. Married co-ed couples may room together, otherwise you and your significant other get split up for the trip (no shacking up on Crossroads time).


We've got a plan

For the safety of everyone on the GO Alabama trip and our partners, we will implement a number of precautions. See the list of precautions in our FAQs



This covers your transportation, room and board, work supplies, and activities. Vaccinations, and souvenirs are not covered.

Of all of our trip participants, only 5% have had to contribute to their own trip.