High Five

take a leap. make a difference.

Now is your chance to GO and make a life-changing impact on a community. This adventure starts when you choose where.

Not sure where to start?Let us help

Be a Part of a Team That’s Impacting the World

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kids sponsored in Nicaragua
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meals provided to kids in need
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girls rescued from being trafficked
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boxes collected for Thanksgiving
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Go On A Trip. Change The World.

Injustice. Unsafe drinking water. Food insecurity. Human trafficking. We are called to GO and take them on.

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Serve Locally

We team up with local community partners so you can GO be a force for good in your neighborhood.

Who We Help

We GO to drive change in every broken aspect of society and it starts here.

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Vulnerable Children

Over 300 million kids around the world grow up malnourished, homeless or uneducated.

We partner with local organizations that understand the best way to deliver sustainable change. They provide the expertise, we provide the man hours. The result: kids learn there are people out there who give a damn.

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At Risk Communities

One out of every eight humans are considered "at risk."

We Go to the ignored and oppressed who are fighting a battle with extreme poverty, or decimated by natural disasters. They’re not “someone else’s” responsibility. They’re the exact people that Jesus told us to serve. So we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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Exploited Individuals

Every single year, over 27 million people are victims of human trafficking.

Twenty. Seven. Million. Innocent women and children forced into a hellish life of torture. This problem is massive. For most of the world it’s easier to bury their head in the sand. Not us.. We’re taking a David vs Goliath approach. And you know how that story ends.

High Five


This is an invitation to step into an adventure with God. An invitation to change someone's life. An invitation to change your life.
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step 1

You Answer Questions

Let us play matchmaker and line up your skills and preferences to where we GO.
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step 2

We Evaluate Your Info

A real live human will read your answers, and use their expertise to make connections.
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step 3

Together We Align

They'll reach out to you and offer up some next steps in where we think you'd like to GO.
Want To Volunteer At Crossroads?

We'd love that! Crossroads runs on volunteers. And the generous donation of time is worth more than you can know. Believe us. Your Contentresence will make a world of difference.

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