why we give

God gives to bless us. We give to bless Him and the world around us.
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Giving away money—and making sacrifice a routine part of your life—is critical for growing spiritually, trusting God, and leaving your legacy on this world. It’s not about being “easy,” it’s about grit and commitment. Investing in something bigger than yourself. Believing in the power of loving your neighbor more than yourself, and being part of bringing His Kingdom to earth.

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your giving fuels life change

"I'm In" Campaign

The I’m In Campaign is a profoundly impacting financial movement that started in 2015 and continues strong amongst our community. Thousands of people got fired up— ready to invest in serious life-change both here and abroad. They committed to give money above and beyond their normal giving. It’s been bold, exciting, trust-inducing, and it’s not over. You can be “in,” too.


South Africa is a land of incredible potential, but it faces barriers of extreme poverty, the AIDS epidemic, and a heartbreaking lack of fathers and mothers for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children. Our partnership with Grace Bible Church and the groundbreaking Center of Hope (Soweto) is about generation-altering change by building into the promising culture of South African entrepreneurship.


The crystal-clear mission of Crossroads has always been to reach our friends and neighbors and share the message of Jesus. It’s why we started in a rented schoolroom and haven’t stopped expanding to make room for everyone we possibly can. This expansion looks like on-site weekend experiences, digital messaging and robust channels, and infrastructure to build community from the ground up.


Holistic change for the working poor means getting in the trenches—and that’s exactly what it looks like at CityLink Center in Cincinnati. After years of research and partnerships, CityLink Center is the culmination of how it looks to put holistic services around the individual who’s stuck in the cycle of poverty, in a way that creates lasting life change and generational hope.

explore more ways to give

There are lots of ways to give, including giving stock, your car, your time, and more.

asset-based giving

transfer stock, estate planning, charitible gift annuities, business interest

Asset-based giving is one way to engage in our mission. If you have stocks, annuities, are planning for your estate, or have other non-traditional ways to financially contribute to the mission of Crossroads, we are here to make that process easy.

Note: we cannot offer financial advice. Contact your financial advisor to ensure this is the right way to give in your personal situation.

Questions about asset-based giving?
Email giving@crossroads.net for more information

give to others


Give your Car

Your old car can change someone's life. The Wheels team takes cars, fixes them up, and gives them to people at Crossroads who are getting back on their feet after a sudden loss of transportation. Vehicle donations are tax-deductible.

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Give your Time

There are always ways to serve at Crossroads, no matter what your gifts are.

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give stuff

Give your Stuff

Think Craigslist but for the Crossroads community.

Check out Corkboard

Have clothing or furniture to donate?

Cincinnati Area:
Salvation Army (clothing)
New Life Furniture

Dayton Area:
St. Vincent De Paul

Lexington Area:
Kentucky Refugee Ministries

go trips

Give to Someone's Trip

When someone makes the commitment to take a GO Trip, they are looking to experience God outside of their normal environment. You can support their efforts by donating directly to their trip.

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