Essentials of Growth

Know God. Know others. Be known.

Growing spiritually means becoming more and more like Jesus in every area of life, and reproducing that growth in others. Spiritual growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all, but here are the fundamentals we consider essential in growing with God:

1. Attend the Weekend Experience

Gather with others to explore questions about God and the Bible, and be challenged to apply what you learn to your life. The weekend is also how we get on the same page as a community, and one way we’re mobilized to be a blessing to our city and our world. Here are service times and directions.

2. Engage with God Daily

Engage with the Today experience in the Anywhere app (available on the App Store or Google Play). Use the guides in the app (like Five Marks of a Man, Worry, or Group SHOTS!) to kick-start spiritual growth. Looking for a daily bible reading plan? Read Scripture and Through the Word are two other great apps for that. Get the basics of daily Bible reading and start the Crossroads 100 Day Plan

3. Get in Community

Smaller community is where we can be fully known, celebrated and challenged toward living like Jesus. Around here, that can begin in Small Groups, Community Groups, Healing Groups—anywhere you’re finding close relationships, support and accountability.

4. Live Generously

Be a part of something bigger than yourself by connecting with someone in need, joining a serving team or beginning (or increasing) financial giving. Being generous with time and money blesses others, and they’re important ways God forms our character and grows us. Click here to discover some ways you can be generous with your time. Click here to help fuel life change here and around the world by giving financially.