Healthcare Getaway FAQS

Registration FAQ:

  • What is Healthcare Getaway?
    Healthcare Getaway is a 2 day weekend retreat that utilizes primitive camping, large and small group conversations, as well as creative teaching in order to benefit the healthcare professional who is managing the day-to-day stress of being employed in the field of healthcare.

  • I work as a ____...does it count as healthcare?
    Healthcare workers are very broadly defined in our society. It includes both medical care and support services. This would include both medical care and the support services, direct patient care and non-direct.

    Some general questions to ask yourself to see if this experience is for you - Do you work in a place that treats those with physical or mental illness or injury? Do you have to do regular HIPAA training or blood-borne pathogen training? Were you considered an "essential worker" during the pandemic? Does the thought of Joint Commission make you tense up? If most of this sounds familiar, you probably work in healthcare.

  • What about students?
    The camp materials are not targeted towards students. Some parts may feel out of place, but other things could be valuable tools to learn early in training. It is ultimately up to the student to decide if this experience could be a good fit.

  • What is primitive camping?
    We will be car camping, so you won't have to hike in your gear! You can bring a tent or hammock to sleep in. There's no running water or electricity, however we will have clean port-a-potties, and drinking water available.

  • Why primitive camping?
    Getting away from normal rhythms allows one to be less distracted by kids, work, cell phones, and errands. Primitive camping is a useful setting because it’s so very different from the comfort of our everyday lives, yet still serves as a catalyst for deep connection to God and others. We believe you’ll walk away having formed new neural pathways as a result of spending the night on the ground and around a campfire.

  • How much is it?
    $69.99 per person

  • How do I register for Healthcare Getaway?
    Register here.

  • Is there a minimum age?
    Yes, attendees must be at least 18.

  • Can my spouse come?
    Yes, your spouse may register as well and attend with you. This event is not geared toward them, but he or she will be able to learn, grow, and support alongside you.

  • Can I bring my dog?
    No personal pets allowed. If you need to bring a service dog to camp, email before you register for camp.

  • Is gear included in the price?
    No. You will be responsible for bringing the gear you need to camp for one night / 2 days in a primitive environment that does not have electricity or running water. If you don't have the right gear, don't let that be a barrier. Consider asking your friends and extended family to borrow, check for free gear at Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or at a local garage sale.

  • Can I gift someone their registration?
    Absolutely, this can be done during on the registration website. First select the type you are gifting. On the next page is the "Send as Gift" button at the top. Enter email address and continue to pay. You’ll then be emailed for one final step. Once you receive your confirmation email you will need to complete follow the instructions (incomplete). This will include writing a personalized note to be sent with their registration. Follow up with them to make sure they received it and registered.

  • Can I get a refund after registration?
    No. All purchases are final and non-transferable. We know things come up and that can be a bummer, but we can’t refund anyone’s registration. Please consider this risk before registering.

Event FAQ:

  • Are there Bathrooms and running water?
    As far as bathrooms, there are 435 acres of land. Just like God intended. We’ll also have some super clean porta-potties for less adventurous folks. While there is not running water, we will have plenty of water for drinking and using to wash up at your campsite.

  • What’s the electricity situation?
    There is none. We’ll be off the grid. Don’t bring anything that needs electricity. For medical devices, feel free to bring a battery power bank.

  • Where is it?
    It’s just about 30 minutes east of Cincinnati. 420 Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road Felicity, Ohio 45120

  • How are campsites organized?
    Once you arrive and check-in, you’ll be directed toward an area to set up camp. You’ll meet others organically who work in a similar healthcare setting. You’ll camp in relative proximity to them and spend some time with them around a campfire throughout the weekend . If you want to camp with someone specific, you are free to do so. Find each other at the event and setup your campsites near each other.

  • Will there be alcohol at this event?
    Yes. While it is certainly not the focus, alcohol will be present.

  • Are meals provided? What about coffee?
    Healthcare getaway will provide dinner on Satruday night as well as some light breakfast options and coffee on Sunday morning. Please coordinate your own breakfast, lunch and snacks for Saturday as well as lunch on Sunday.

  • Do I really have to sleep in a tent or hammock?
    Have to? You mean get to! There are no other options at BASE CAMP and you’re gonna love it. RVs are not permitted due to our licensing restrictions with the county.

  • What should we bring?
    Google search "primitive camping essentials."

  • How far do I have to carry my gear?
    Parking will not be right next to your campsite, but you’ll be close enough to walk to and from your car in less than 5 minutes. Pack light, bring a wagon and volunteers can help you get bulkier gear to your site.

  • I have mobility issues / health issues / pregnancy. Will that be a problem?
    This is ultimately between you and your physician. At minimum, you will need to travel on rolling hills, gravel, wet grass, and uneven ground to get between your campsite and different activities.

  • What if it rains? Or snows?
    If it gets a little damp or cold, we’ll lean in and make the best of it. While we won’t cancel due to rain or snow, in the case of a true weather emergency at camp, you’ll be notified of the best course of action.

  • No cell phones?
    No cell phones. We promise it’ll feel like freedom.

  • What if there’s an emergency at home?
    We’ll have a system in place for folks to reach you in the case of an emergency. We’ll provide a phone number your loved ones can use to get ahold of you in case of a TRUE emergency.

  • What if I have the emergency?
    We usually have a medical team who volunteers at camp. We are letting them attend as campers this time. Given the nature of this camp, we will provide basic first aid supplies and a DIY tent. If we are unable to manage the medical issue at camp, we can assist you in reaching your family and getting you to the nearest hospital.

Have other questions not addressed above?
Email us at