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OCTOBER 14-15, 2023


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Healthcare roles are some of the top professions for burnout, mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide. Hospitals have taken the initiative to offer programs which address these with their staff. However, churches have previously failed in addressing the same concerns for those who prefer a faith-based approach. The Healthcare Getaway is made for healthcare workers by healthcare workers. It provides faith-based and theraputic tools to unpack the things that typically need to get bottled up in order to successfully care for others.

This primitive camping weekend will boost your mood and offer space to get away from the unique day-to-day stress of working in healthcare. We aim to connect healthcare workers with God and each other, provide some relief from emotional burnout, and prevent it in the future.


Listen in to hear the heart behind creating this getaway, and why we feel there is such a need for it.

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I work as a ____...does it count as healthcare?
Healthcare workers are very broadly defined in our society. It includes both medical care and support services. This would include both medical care and the support services, direct patient care and non-direct.

Some general questions to ask yourself to see if this experience is for you - Do you work in a place that treats those with physical or mental illness or injury? Do you have to do regular HIPAA training or blood-borne pathogen training? Were you considered an "essential worker" during the pandemic? Does the thought of Joint Commission make you tense up? If most of this sounds familiar, you probably work in healthcare.

Where is Healthcare Getaway?
It’s just about 30 minutes east of Cincinnati. 420 Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road Felicity, Ohio 45120

What is Healthcare Getaway?
Healthcare Getaway is a 2 day weekend retreat that utilizes primitive camping, large and small group conversations, as well as creative teaching in order to benefit the healthcare professional who is managing the day to day stress of being employed in the field of healthcare.

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