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With exclusive, on-demand messages available weekly, you'll always find an option that fits your schedule.

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Real People. Real Connection.

You weren’t made to do life alone. The good news is we’re here to help you find your people and get your needs met, whether that's through connecting you to a life coach who will listen, helping you find the right resources, or praying for you. You may have found us online, but we’re made up of a team of real people who care.

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Screen time with purpose.

Connecting with God shouldn't be regulated to Sundays. It can be as simple as an interaction right from your phone. Designed to challenge and support you, the Crossroads Anywhere app will help you forge a deeper relationship with God and connect you with others around the world.

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Be a part of life-changing adventures around the world! GO Trips are designed to create cross-cultural bridges, increase local sustainability, empower local partners, create lasting friendships, and learn how God calls us to respond to our history. You can experience GO Trips in:

  • US Destinations
  • South Africa
  • Nicaragua
  • Puerto Rico
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Content your kids will actually enjoy and learn from? Yeah, it does exist. Give your kids the opportunity to hear God's story in a fun, interactive language they can understand. Find podcasts, Bible teachings, music, support, and parenting tips—all made to help your kids learn about Jesus so they have fun and want more time with God.


This isn't your typical church. God created every one of us to live a life of adventure and to change the world for good. If that sounds perfect to you, then you're in the right place. Create a profile to access spiritual training, life-changing experiences, and connections with others on this journey.