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Your people are here. They volunteer to build things, meet after work to talk about their lives and make coffee on weekends. Why not join them? Find something to get into and sign up. Who knows, you might make some friends.


“When we have problems, this is who we go to. When we have successes, it’s who we celebrate with.”

— Mike, Uptown Running Group

Online Groups

Online community is a wonder of today’s world. No matter where you are, you can meet people — right there.

Onsite Groups

Meet somewhere regularly with people who make a commitment to show up and help each other thrive.

At home groups

These groups pursue passions together. It could be service, spirituality, a hobby, or a sport. Find your focus and purpose.

Chaser groups

This is a great place to start. Meet people online or in person to chat about the weekend message. Start to find your people.
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