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PLEASE NOTE: Our community is open to anyone 18+ and all skill levels.

Everyone is a gamer. Well, at least 230 million Americans can call themselves gamers. Whether your crushing candy or crushing skulls--we want to hang out.


Welcome to the Crossroads Gaming Community where we believe your passion for gaming and your desire to grow more connected with God are a fantastic combo. You can connect here with other gamers, squad up, make friends and win. Whether you're into first-person shooters or strategy games, whether you're a total noob or an old-school vet, you have a place here.

Have Fun

There’s just something about games, right? A shared experience with friends: winning a friendly rivalry, cooperating to beat an objective together, or just nerding out about your game’s lore. It’s fun, but when you game with randoms, that fun can be elusive. With the Crossroads Gaming Community, you know you’re squadding up with awesome people, and the fun extends beyond the game and into hanging out online (or even IRL).


Join the Discord server where you can meet other people who play the same games that you do! You can chat about the latest releases or old favorites with friends in your neighborhood or across the globe. Or meet as a group and discuss last weekend’s message and then breakout into your favorite game while the conversation keeps going. Our community is open to anyone 18+ and all skill levels.

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