What Your Future Can Look Like

We all want to know what our future holds, and hope it’s better. We imagine our ideal careers, relationships, and finances. But often it feels like a fantasy. Life is freaking difficult, and we aren’t sure what to do next. In this special series of talks, we take a look at the bigger picture. Hear God’s plan for what your future can look like. There’s a bright side, and it can be yours.

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Your future Is safe

Life is difficult, and it’s not getting any easier. But there is hope. The Bible guarantees us that God will finish the job. That’s the truth. Your future is safe. Join Crossroads Senior Pastor Brian Tome as he teaches us what it means to live a secure life.

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Jesus has a question for you

Your future depends on how you will answer this question. “What do you want me to do for you?” Join Teaching Pastor Alli Patterson as she guides us through the importance of our words as we answer Jesus' questions.

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God has more fruit for you

Life can feel like a series of random events. The Bible tells us that’s not the truth. There’s a greater plan that involves peaks and valleys. How we respond determines what God will gift us with. God has more fruit for you, will you answer his call? Join Paco Pancham as he guides us through the importance of owning God’s call to have more fruit in our lives.

Jesus doesn’t make us question our future

The world tells us our past and writes our future. Jesus tells us that he sets our future. We might see ourselves stuck in a trajectory of failure. The question you need to ask yourself is how does God see me? Join Hannah Driskil as she shows why our future is not doomed.

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