father son camp

May 31-June 2, 2024

Neville, OH

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Father+Son Camp

One weekend can change a lot. Spark manhood in your son’s life. Ditch your phone. Play catch. Shoot guns. Spend time with God and brave your way through the woods. Fatherhood is meant to be an adventure. Being a kid is meant to be fun. Father+Son Camp is both.

Common questions

Where is Father Son Camp?
On the Crossroads camp property: Base Camp! 435 acres in Neville, Ohio. Rolling hills, small ponds, gorgeous views.

This sounds perfect. Where can I drop my son off?
Great question! To be clear: This is not a “drop your son off” camp, nor is it a day-time camp. It is an overnight camp experience for BOTH the father (or father figure) and son.

How old does my son need to be?
Your son has to be between the ages of 7-17 at the time of camp.

Can I bring all my sons?
This event is one son to one father figure. If you have multiple sons, each will need a male role model while at camp.

More Questions?
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