family convo

Conversations help us build connections with our kids. Watch this video as a family, then start talking.

Convo Starter 1:
Generous Rex surprised people with unexpected gifts! What’s the best surprise you’ve ever received? What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given to someone else?

Convo Starter 2:
Jesus’ birth happened in a totally unexpected way. What are the most surprising parts of the Christmas story? How are they different (or the same) to how YOU were born?

Convo Starter 3:
You’ve heard the Christmas story through read it in the Bible! Read Luke 2:1-20: How did people worship the long-awaited rescuer, Jesus? As a family, how can you worship Jesus this Christmas?

“Make it and Take it” by surprising someone with an unexpected gift! First, decide someone unexpected to give it to (it could be your mailman, garbage collector, Kids’ Club volunteer or a neighbor). Then, create something special to brighten their day! Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Just can’t get enough Christmas content? Check out the Kids’ Club YouTube channel for all kinds of Christmas videos that your family can watch together!

Use these basics as you start convos with your family:

  1. Be great listeners. Put your screen down and look your kids in the eye. Silence your phone. Encourage them for sharing. Watch what your face is communicating.
  2. Be patient. Give your kid time to respond. Silence is okay. It may take some time for them to communicate their thoughts. Give them space to process.
  3. Be curious. The point is to have conversations with your kids, not to answer every question listed. If they drift to another topic - go with them. Keep talking. Keep asking questions. Keep listening.