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Easter at Crossroads
April 3-4

It’s been a wild year. From pandemics to politics, everyone has had to face new obstacles. Easter is the ultimate story of God’s power being made available to YOU. The spirit of God gives you the strength to face any challenge that comes your way. Be unbreakable. Come experience Easter at Crossroads.

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Easter services will be at a reduced capacity and following recommended distancing guidelines, read what we’re doing to keep you and our staff safe.

What to Expect

Church may have looked a bit different this past year but Easter is going to be a great opportunity to reconnect with your local Crossroads family. Join us in person for encouraging teaching, live worship, and coffee. Yes, you read that right, coffee is back starting Easter weekend. We’ve added services and have space just for you.

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Easter is about much more than bunnies and baskets filled with eggs and candy. We celebrate Easter because Jesus died for us, conquered death and then came back to life. The Easter story is about celebrating that Jesus rose from the dead, leaving behind an empty tomb. Use these cards with your kids to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice for us and to dig into more of the events surrounding Easter.

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