I understand in signing this document I do hereby forever waive any and all claims of any type of nature against Crossroads Community Church and release Crossroads Community Church from any and all claims of any type or nature arising from my voluntary agreement to participate as a volunteer on a service project sponsored by the Crossroads Community Church. I understand I assume full and complete responsibility for any accidents, injuries, illnesses or other conditions which may occur en route, during, or as a consequence of my voluntary participation in service work through Crossroads Community Church.

I further understand under no circumstances am I in anyway an employee, agent, officer or director of Crossroads Community Church for purposes of this service project. No representations of any type or nature have been made to me by Crossroads Community Church, its officers, directors or employees concerning my personal safety, health conditions or any other aspects of this service project. I fully understand my participation in this service project may, result in illness, accident or injury occurring as a result of my participation. I have been afforded every opportunity to conduct my own complete and thorough investigation of the conditions surrounding this project and do willingly participate in this service project of my own free will and choice.

I am specifically aware certain hazards and risks to my person and property may be associated with serving in a outreach capacity. I understand such hazards and risk may include, but not be limited to, death or injury by accident, disease, war, terrorist acts or weather conditions, inadequate medical services and supplies, criminal activity, random acts of violence or negligence. I am fully aware of these risks and voluntarily assume them hereby releasing in full any and all claims of any type or nature against Crossroads Community Church, its officers, directors, agents and employees.

I hereby represent I am aware of no medical conditions of any type or nature which I have which would prevent me from participating in this service project and I have been afforded the opportunity, at my sole expense, to be examined by any physician of my selection for purposes of verifying my physical condition. I further have been advised I have the right to have an attorney of my selection and at my expense review this waiver and release prior to signing of this document and have either done so to my own satisfaction as evidenced by my signature hereon, or by signing this document have waived my right to have this matter reviewed by an attorney of my selection and at my expense.

I expressly waive any defense to the enforcement of any provision of this contractual agreement arising from any claim of lack of consideration and understand this document constitutes a legal, valid and binding waiver of my rights and shall be enforceable against me, my family or my estate for any and all purposes whatsoever. I understand I am not being covered under any policy or policies of insurance issued to Crossroads Community Church or its agents, officers, directors and employees which would provide me any type of coverages for my participation in this trip other than may have been expressly provided to me in writing, and I hereby affirm and attest no oral representations, promises or statements have been made in any respect effecting my participation in this service project or any of the terms or conditions of this waiver and release other than as expressly written herein.

I also understand for all purposes this agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Ohio. I hereby further state I have carefully read all of the terms and conditions set forth in this waiver and release of all claims, that I fully and completely understand all information set forth herein and I voluntarily sign this waiver and release as my own free act understanding fully this is a legally binding document.