leadership training

You want to lead and we need leaders. You need training and we provide it. Talk about a perfect fit.

Get on Mission

We're going after another big question this week. What are you gonna do with your group? Dive in and we'll give you some super practical tips on how to take stock of your group and decide what you're going to do.

Key points

  • Passions – Find overlap in the passions of your community.
  • Problems – What do you love about your community? What would you change?
  • People – Who are your people? What do they need? Meet them where they are.
  • Potential – Find God at work. Then, work with Him as he builds the Kingdom.

Try it out

This week is all about wrestling with it. Get a journal, or a piece of paper, or a notes app, and make three headings. Throughout your week, as God to show you the passions, problems, people, and potential of your community. Write it all down. Then (for bonus points) bring those ideas and this teaching to your next group meeting.