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You want to lead and we need leaders. You need training and we provide it. Talk about a perfect fit.

Get your orders

If your group is just starting out, or has been going strong for awhile, it's always a good idea to check in with God. This week, we'll learn how to hear Him and get some orders for our groups.

Key points

Kronos – regular time passing

Kairos – a moment in time

Mark 1:15

Try it out

This one is huge, and with discipline, it can become part of your lifestyle. So this week, listen for God. If you think you hear something, no matter how big or small, find a friend and process with them. Observe it. Reflect on it. Discuss it with that friend. Make a plan with them, get some accountability in place, and then act.

Make a plan to have the conversation with them, get some accountability in place and then act.