leadership training

You want to lead and we need leaders. You need training and we provide it. Talk about a perfect fit.

Follow First

We'll give you all the tips you need to make an awesome group. But first, we need to be grounded in who we are as followers of Jesus. So, spend some time focusing up, and learning what it takes from us to lead a group. Trust us. This is the best first step to having an awesome group.

Key points

Above all, we Follow First

What does it mean to be a disciple, a leader, and a coach?

  • Up – Passionate Spirituality
  • In – Radical Community
  • Out – Outwardly Focused

Try it out

Take a look at your life. A real look. Thinking about Up, In, and Out, rate yourself on a scale of 1–10 in each area. (10 is basically Jesus, 1 could use a little work)

Then, take the area of your life that you ranked the lowest and intentionally focus on it this week. That could look like spending some time in the morning with God (Up), taking a friend to coffee (In), or striking up a conversation with a new neighbor (Out).

Share your action plan with your Coach so they can support, guide and prayer for you this week. Go the next video once you’ve shared your plan with your Coach.