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Get some Rhythms

This week we'll talk about setting regular rhythms with your group. Whether it's around attending the weekend, serving, or worship, consistency as a group makes is easier for people to join. And consistency as a leader makes you easier to follow.

Key Points

  • Your rhythms communicate what is important to you and your group
  • Church is a team sport and it creates a place for people to belong
  • Matthew 11:28-30

Try It Out

Take some time to look at your schedule from the last week. Look at the places you are spending time. Keep track of meetings, lunches, family time, prayer time, and time with God. Ask yourself and God where you can create places in those rhythms for others to belong.

This is a great opportunity to begin inviting your group members into other parts of your life outside of the group. Try to invite one person to a lunch, family dinner or other activity that they could belong.