Creative Arts

Artists seem to congregate around here

And artists are a major blessing to this community. So if you love creative communication—whether that’s video, lighting, stage design, music or behind-the-scenes work—we’ll find a way to get you involved. People are often drawn to Crossroads because of the non-churchy aesthetics, and your creativity can help.

Actors & Extras

Been waiting for your big break? Think it would be fun to see yourself on the big screen one weekend? We want our videos to be a reflection of our community, so that means YOU. No acting experience required, but it helps if you aren’t shy in front of a camera, have a flexible schedule or can take some time off work during the day because we shoot during the week. Please sign up here and then post a picture of yourself on your Crossroads’ web profile (very important) so we know who you are. If you don’t hear from us right away, don’t worry-once you’re on our list, you’re sure to get a random call for a strange video at some point…when you least expect it. SIGN UP

Video Professionals

If you’re a production professional of any kind or a professional hobbyist with your own gear-what can we say? You are rare and wonderful and we’d love to know you! We need producers, cameramen, editors, sound-mixers, animators, prop and wardrobe stylists, make-up artists. If you want to make us very happy and volunteer, call and tell us you have some free time you’ve been wondering what to do with. SIGN UP

Graphic Design

If you’re a trained, professional graphic designer, we’d love to get you involved somehow. Opportunities in this area are more sporadic than in many other serving areas, but please tell us how you’re interested in serving and we’ll add you to our list of go-to, rock-star designers we call on from time to time. SIGN UP