Bar. Sex. Fruit.

I never thought camps at Crossroads sounded like a great idea and surely didn't think Couples Camp would be something I'd ever do. My husband and I were emailed an invitation to be leaders. We were having dinner at a bar and he asked me if I saw the email. I laughed and said, “Like that's ever going to happen.” We started talking and laughing about other things.

A man next to me struck up a conversation us about how great it was to see a married couple talking and having fun together like he heard us doing. He told us about being in the midst of a divorce, what that was like, and how his friend was going through the same thing. Then he left. God calls, I obey. I saw this conversation as a call from God that we were supposed to lead at Couples Camp. God knew I wouldn't go any other way. So, I immediately got on my phone and accepted the invitation to lead.

As camp drew closer, I was paralyzed with fear about going to a remote site with no facilities. And I mean paralyzed. My fear was all consuming. On top of that, my husband and I were growing apart—little by little, day by day. I began dreading going to camp.

But Couples Camp was the best thing that ever happened in our marriage. Here’s what came out of it:

  • I feel invincible. I survived camp (even thrived) and I can't wait to take on the next challenge.
  • I'm eating clean and exercising. I have more energy and am not depressed as I was prior. I even lost 4 pounds the first 5 days we were back.
  • I feel no need to numb myself with wine in the evening.
  • I am working intensely on my business during the day so that my evenings can be free to spend with my husband.
  • We typically pray together, but it has increased.
  • We are having lots of sex! Direct fruit derived from what we discussed at Wine Time and from what Brian said/preached from the stage on Saturday night.
  • We have been inviting God into our bedroom. And He is showing up. Who knew He would be so good to us in this way?
  • I miss my husband during the day when we are apart. (After 31 years of marriage, we feel like newlyweds.)

Couples Camp was life altering.