APRIL 29-MAY 1, 2022

Felicity, OH
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nothing worth doing is easy

We know the best things are often the toughest—because nothing worth doing is easy. Marriage is both wonderful and challenging. Same with Couples Camp. Come spend two nights in a tent and find some wide open space for you both to stretch, grow and reconnect. Share a tent. Share a challenge. Share the adventure.

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What does camping have to do with my marriage?

About a year ago, I was having coffee with a friend who was about to get married. She was sharing about the excitement of choosing the venue, the guests, the anticipation...
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Do we need to be a married couple to attend Couples Camp?
Yes, this Couples Camp is designed for a man and woman who are married.

Will there be alcohol at this event?
Yes. While it is certainly not the focus, alcohol will be present.

How much is it?
$199.98 per couple.

How do we register?
Use the “Register” button on this page once registration is open. There are no refunds after registration.

Can we register for our friends?
Nope. Each couple needs to complete their own registration. It’s super important that each couple makes the effort to get their own registration taken care of—and each couple needs to digitally sign their own waiver.

Can I get a refund after registration?
Nope. All purchases are final. We know things come up and that can be a bummer, but we can’t refund anyone’s ticket purchase.

Is there a minimum age?
Yes, you must both be at least 18.

How will I get more details about camp?
You’ll get assigned to a campsite and a Camp Lead couple. Your Camp Leads will connect with you via email a few days after signups close. They’ll connect with you and the other folks in your campsite before Camp—that’s the perfect time to ask questions, make plans for who’s bringing and borrowing what, and to bond a bit before the experience itself.

Where is it?
At our awesome BASE CAMP land in Felicity, Ohio, just about 30 minutes east of Cincinnati.

How do we get there?
You’ll carpool with your campsite group. You’ll all travel together to a designated parking area, grab your gear and then hike about a mile and a half into BASE CAMP. (Your Camp Lead will have more info as the time approaches.)

What time do I need to be there on Friday?
Campsite groups can start hiking in at 4:00pm. If you arrive early you'll be directed to a staging area until 4:00pm. The gates will close at 6:30. As long as you are inside the gate by 6:30pm, or in line on the road, you're good. Your entire Campsite group must be present to begin the hike in.

How hard is the hike in?
That really depends on your fitness and how much you pack, the hike in is 1 mile on a gravel road. You won’t be summiting Everest, but it won’t be a morning stroll through the woods, either. We recommend one of these! We have watched thousands of people walk into camp and one thing is for certain - you do not have to carry everything in on your back! Remember it is only two nights of camping, you don’t need much.

Do I really have to sleep in a tent?
Have to? You mean get to! There are no other options at BASE CAMP and you’re gonna love it.

What if I don’t have a tent?
You can work all of that out with your Camp Leads, borrowing is your friend!

What if we’ve never camped before?
Awesome. You’re in for a great time. Your Camp Leads will help to make sure you’re prepared and it will be a breeze. Remember, it’s only two nights. You’ve got this.

How are campsites organized?
Campsite groups are typically 3-4 couples (6-8 folks) led by a Camp Lead couple. Once registration closes we will send out an email that allows you to request other campers and Camp Leads that you’d like to be grouped with. We do our best to honor these requests but cannot always guarantee that we can accommodate every one. No matter who you end up with there will be lots of time to mingle with friends and make new ones.

What if we don’t know anybody?
Totally fine. There are going to be plenty of new folks to meet. And if you and your spouse just want some alone time, there will be space for that, too.

What should we bring?
Once you’re signed up, you’ll get a packing list.

What if my spouse or I are pregnant?
CONGRATS! And you’re definitely still welcome to come. Use your best judgment on whether or not mama really wants to sleep on the ground, and how far along you guys will be in your pregnancy. And please, please talk to your doctor ahead of time. We’ll have volunteer medics on-site, but not a midwife.

What if it rains? Or snows?
Being in nature is a lot like being married. You don’t get to choose the good times. If it gets a little damp or cold, we’ll lean in and make the best of it.

Will there be restroom facilities?
Yep, there are 435 acres of land. Just like God intended. We’ll also have some super clean porta-potties for less adventurous folks.

What’s the electricity situation?
There is none. We’ll be off the grid. Don’t bring anything that needs electricity.

No cell phones?
No cell phones. We promise it’ll feel like freedom.

What if we need to arrive late or leave early?
Again, as with marriage...if you’re in, you’re in for the whole thing. No late arrivals or early departures.

What if there’s an emergency at home?
We’ll have a system in place for folks to reach you in the case of an emergency. If you need to leave, we’ll help make that happen.

What if I still don’t feel good about going?
No worries. Camping isn’t everyone’s jam and that is totally cool. But keep in mind, stretching outside of your comfort zone is super important to growth.