Connector Guide

Making The Connection

Use these steps to establish contact with a potential Connectee.

Step 1 First Contact

  1. Send the Connector Introduction email from your email account.
  2. You can find an introductory template here. (But it’ll be way better if you personalize it.)
  3. Patiently wait for a response.

Step 2 Gauge the Response

  1. No response? No worries. Control what you can control. You’ll reach out again in a month or so if you don’t get any movement there.
  2. The ol’ thumbs up? If you get a response like “Will do,” or “Gotcha,” or “Sounds good”—basically anything you’d find in the auto response on Google Mail—proceed to STEP 3.
  3. YES to connection? That’s pretty sweet. Proceed to STEP 4.
  4. YES to connection + already got some questions? Proceed to STEP 5.
  5. Hard pass? If you get a response saying no or asking to be removed from the list, etc., forward the response to your site’s connections coordinator.

Step 3 The Opportunity

After two weeks, if there has been no further response, send a next step email. Customize as you see fit. Repeat STEP 2. If the response is the same, proceed to STEP 6. If the response is different, respond accordingly.

Step 4 Customize the Experience

No need to twist the arm. They’re down for this. Within two weeks, give them options for how they’d like to proceed.

  1. Wanna set up a time to talk on the phone?
  2. Establish what the Connectee is aware of about Crossroads.
  3. Establish boundaries and discuss expectations.
  4. Do you have any questions?

Proceed to STEP 5.

Step 5 Let’s Do This

This is where the real customized connection comes in. Use the Connector Map to work with the person to provide next steps and guidance on the regular. Additional tools and resources:

  4. Email
  5. Email your site connections coordinator

Step 6 Completion of the Connector Relationship

This is where you as the Connector have determined that the Connectee has taken the best next step towards Jesus and community. They are self-sufficient in terms of knowing what they are going after, and they have now come under the wing of a new Connector (aka volunteer leader, group leader, etc.)

  1. Confirm with your Connectee that they have attended that group and are planning to continue, or served with that volunteer team and are loving it.
  2. Follow up with them 30 days after this to check in and hear how things are going. If they are going well, communicate that you won’t be checking in often as you used to now that they have taken their next step, but that they can reach out to you if need be. If they aren’t going well, have a conversation to establish a new next step.