Connect: FAQ

Getting started

Is it safe to put myself on the map?

Yep. When people look at the map, they’ll only see your first name, last initial, and your zip code. We won’t reveal your exact address to anyone. And your dot will be near where you live but not on top of your house.

Should we just have one person on the map per household?
Why limit yourself? But seriously, we want people to have as many opportunities to connect as possible. Got three people in your home that are part of Crossroads? Get ‘em on the map. Because we scramble your address for security reasons, the dots won’t show up on top of each other.

Can I say “hi” without being on the map?
Sure can. The best way to meet more Crossroads people is to be on the map, but feel free to dip your toes in and just click “say hi.” You’ll be asked to sign in, but it won’t automatically add you to the map.

How do I add or change my profile picture?

Your can upload a profile picture by signing into Once you’re signed in, click the circle in the upper-right-hand corner and select “My Profile” from the dropdown menu. There will be a box with a silhouette or your current profile picture next to your name. Click there, and you can select a new photo.

After you’re on the map

I put myself on the map, but I’m showing up a couple streets over from where I actually live.
Yep, we did that on purpose. We want everyone to feel safe using Crossroads Connect, so we scramble your address before putting your dot on the map.

I just moved. How do I edit my address?
Click the "Add me to the map" button in the top right corner. Then change your info, and you're all set. When you edit your address on the Connect Map, it will also update your profile.

What if someone keeps saying “hi” to me?
Creeper alert. If someone is weirding you out, email us at

What if no one emails me back when I say “hi”?
Ugh. That’s rough. But it’s them, not you. Seriously, we encourage everyone to respond ASAP, but sometimes life gets busy, or perhaps they’re just really bad at email.

How do I remove myself from the map?
We’d hate to see you go, but we understand if you decide this isn’t for you. Click “Me” in the upper right corner, click your name, and then the “edit” button. Then scroll down to see the “Remove me from the map” link.