Caring For Our Planet Together

Finishing your cup of coffee is just the start of the process

composting cups
So what happens once you’ve gotten your daily dose of caffeine?

You finish your coffee (which is already sustainably produced, by the way) and put it in the compost bin at your Crossroads site.


Crossroads’ local nonprofit partner Go Zero picks up the contents of the composting bin.


The contents of the bin are added to Go Zero’s composting piles to break down.


The remnants of your coffee cup become fertilizer in 12 weeks. It’s then distributed locally to plant gardens, beautify parks, and more.

blue team
What kind of things can be composted?

Crossroads coffee and soda cups are fully compostable, so please make sure they find their way into the compost bin. These are other items that our partner can compost if you reach out to them – or that you may be able to compost at home.

Compostable Items

Paper towels and packaging

Wood waste

Yard trimmings

Fruits and vegetables

Baked goods and pasta

Beans and eggs

Meats and dairy

Fats and sugars

Non-compostable Items

Healthcare products



Traditional plastics




Want to join the Green Team at Crossroads?

Email with your site name and let them know you’re interested in helping with composting.