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Over the past few years, Crossroads has partnered with Compassion International to sponsor thousands of kids in Nicaragua and Bolivia. Hundreds have traveled to both countries, built relationships with their sponsors, served alongside our new friends and encountered God.

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Compassion International FAQs

How much is it to sponsor a child?
$38 per month. This is done via credit card. All financial transactions are run through Compassion. Crossroads does not set the cost, touch the money, nor handle the credit card information. All funds go directly to Compassion International to support the child. For more information, visit

I would like to visit my sponsored child in Bolivia or Nicaragua. Will there be an opportunity to do that?
Yes, we just don’t know when right now. We think meeting your child in person is a life changing experience for the both of you. Our plan is to get trips started back up in the second half of 2021. No one knows when this pandemic will allow it, but we will be going back.

I have a problem with the sponsorship that I filled out during services in July 2020 (credit card, address, etc.)
All issues with sponsorships need to be taken up with Compassion International through the "contact us" function at or by calling 800-336-7676. Crossroads has no possession of sponsorship forms that were filled out and unfortunately cannot help in any way.

I already sponsor a child through Compassion International in another country, does that count as part of the Crossroads initiative?
First, thank you so much. You are changing that child’s life! Our Crossroads initiatives are in both Nicaragua and Bolivia, so, unfortunately, children outside of Nicaragua or Bolivia do not count as part of this effort. That being said, please do not drop a previously sponsored child in another country to sponsor a “Crossroads’ child.” This is about changing the lives of kids in poverty, not reaching a big number. Your sponsored child is counting on you. Please remain as someone they can rely upon.

Can I connect that child to the “Crossroads group”?
Yes. Drop us a line at and we’ll get that process underway.

How long is the commitment?
As long as you want. The children will be in the program until high school graduation.

Can I sponsor more than one child?
Yes! You can sponsor as many as you would like. Please keep in mind that this commitment is until the child is 18. As long as you're good with that, sponsor away.

Can I choose which country my child is in?
You can choose between Nicaragua and Bolivia. Just go to and then click the country where you would like to sponsor.

Can I choose my child?
Yes, you can go to and view the children that are available to sponsor.

What benefits does the child receive?
Compassion child development provides assistance in 4 holistic areas: 1. Education 2. Health assistance 3. Relational growth opportunities 4. Ongoing Christian Discipleship

Can I pay a year in advance?
Yes. You can pay as many months in advance as you wish today. Pay in $38 increments. For instance: 12 months X $38 = $456. Just fill in the blank.

Can I change the date when the money is taken out each month?
Yes. Call Compassion or make the change after you set up ‘my account’ on the website once your sponsorship is confirmed.

How much money goes to the child?
A min of 80% goes to the child’s development. Currently, based on fluctuating dollar 81.7% goes for the child’s development.

How many letters can I write?
As many as you like. This is an opportunity for you to speak into this child’s life, not a pen pal opportunity. Once your account is setup you can go to to set up MY ACCOUNT. You write letters & manage your account there. OR Download the COMPASSION APP on iTunes.

Will my child write to me?
Yes. Each child is required to write twice a year & send a ‘thank you’ letter for any monetary gift over $50. Young children will be in the learning process.

How long before I receive my first child letter?
Usually 2-4 months, however because of COVID19 the letter process is currently not operating.

May I send gifts to my child?
Only monetary gifts can be sent through Compassion in the form of a Child GIFT, BDAY GIFT or FAMILY GIFT. Since most all of these children do not have a mailing address, material gifts other than letters cannot be sent.