21 Days To Better Money

Money woes? Money questions? Feeling unsure how to save or spend? Money is a powerful tool, but it’s also really challenging. The good news is everyone can be better with their money and more financially stable. Whether you’re seriously struggling, or just want to grow your financial savvy, learn how to build healthier money habits with biblical principles in just 21 days. Receive coaching from Bible teachers and financial experts about how to tackle finances and become more confident in your money on your time, whenever it works for you.

Who's It For:
Anyone (any age 18+)
What To Expect:
Just in case it needs said, we won’t be looking at your taxes or bank statements. This is a safe place to find better answers for how to handle money questions or issues as we immerse ourselves in the truth of what God says about it. Expect honest conversations, practical tips, and personal coaching.
A custom app designed for this experience where you can engage whenever it works for your schedule.
Weekly Involvement:
Watch weekly messages from expert Bible teachers and genuine financial experts. You’ll need at least 15 minutes a day for challenges designed to strengthen and encourage you (and however much time you want to spend chatting with others in the app.)

Paco Pancham

Father, husband, lover of roti and rap music. When not leading the teaching team you can find me fighting father time by chasing my toddler around.

Cristin Fissinger

Wife, mom, recovering lawyer, and fierce advocate for growing families and hosting parties. Loves Jesus, red wine, baking, and a lively game of Catan. Will never own a cat.

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