21 Days To Be The Woman God Made You To Be

Women make the world possible. No, literally, they make life and all HUMANITY possible. And then most of us carry the weight of the world with us every day. Comparison, perfectionism, unrealistic standards, double standards, insecurity, false burden-bearing, and more. Join a 21-day cohort of women who have found freedom so you can walk free too. This cohort runs one week after Woman camp. No pressure to attend, but if you're interested in camp, you can sign up here!

Who's It For:
Women who want to live more free
What To Expect:
Identifying and developing a foundation to feel empowered. Understand where your strongholds are, what can help free them, and lean into your God-given strengths
You'll download a separate app so you have everything you need in one spot
Weekly Involvement:
Watch the curated videos, have reflection/journal time, and engage with other partcipants through a weekly Zoom call and in the app
Meade Jen 282

Jen Meade

A full-time working mom to three little ones obsessed with helping people live the lives God designed for them with all the freedom and fun that is humanly possible.

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