21 Days To Be A Better Dude

Most guys don't have friends. That's a problem. Most don't admit they're lonely, but we all need other people to maximize our lives. Growing doesn't look like perfection. It looks like stumbling towards Jesus with other guys that not only inspire you but make it fun. Find your Dude Group. Or at least figure out how to start. This cohort runs one week Man camp. No pressure to attend, but if you're interested in camp, you can sign up here!

Who's It For:
Any guy who wants better friendships and more growth in his life
What To Expect:
Make friends with other guys who are following God and making the most of their life
You'll download a separate app so you have everything you need in one spot
Weekly Involvement:
Join my Dude Group via Zoom to meet other guys, talk about stuff you need in your life, and show up in the app for challenges and conversation.
Dockery Craig 121

Craig Dockery

Human. Average height. Pants wearer.

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