Christmas at Crossroads Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need tickets? To make this the best experience possible and make sure we have enough seats, parking spots, and hot cocoa ready, it’s important to know how many people are coming. Take only the tickets you need after your invitation to family and friends is accepted.

Which locations do I need tickets for? Only these two:
Crossroads Oakley, 3500 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45209
Crossroads Mason, 990 Reading Road, Mason, Ohio, 45040

What if I can’t make it?
You sure? If you really can’t make it, try to invite some folks to use your tickets. Unlike The Awaited Show, we are not doing “ticket returns.” We are really, really banking on our communities using the tickets they take.

**Are seats assigned?** No. Tickets are general admission. Overflow video viewing areas will be available if capacity in the Auditorium is reached

How early should I arrive? Arrive to allow time to enjoy photo opps and holiday treats. Building doors will open 30 minutes prior to services and Auditorium doors will open 15 minutes before service time.

Do my kids need a ticket? Just like on an airplane, if they want their own seat, yes- they need a ticket.

Is there childcare? No childcare (or Kids’ Club), but Christmas at Crossroads is family-friendly.

How much does it cost? Christmas at Crossroads is free, and so are the treats, hot cocoa and coffee. Enjoy.