Christmas Gift Drive FAQS

  • I got a gift tag magnet. Why doesn’t mine have a child’s name on it?
    Due to special requests for anonymity, there are some children receiving gifts whose names are not put on a tag. If your magnet has no name, it still represents a child in need of gifts and prayer!

  • Why don’t I have a specific wish list for my child?
    Parents and guardians will get to choose the gifts their children receive this year as well as help with wrapping them. You should choose gifts with the child on your tag in mind but know that their caregiver will be making the final choice on what items their child would love to receive most. Blessings all around!

  • Do I have to use Amazon?
    Yes, gifts should be purchased using Amazon to make sure they’re delivered to the correct location. When you reach checkout, please select Christmas Gift Drive or Four Seven (our prison ministry partner) as the delivery address. If you’re outside of Cincinnati, don’t worry! Your gift will be distributed to local partners from these central locations.

  • Where do I ship my gifts?
    When you reach checkout, please select Christmas Gift Drive or Four Seven (our prison ministry partner) as the delivery address. If you’re outside of Cincinnati, don’t worry! Your gift will be distributed to local partners from these central locations.

  • What is the last day to purchase gifts?
    The last date to purchase gifts is December 3, 2023.

  • Gifts wrapped or unwrapped?
    Unwrapped, please. This enables parents to see the gift options as they shop for their kid(s). We will make it all pretty at the very end, even letting the guardian(s) choose to wrap the gift if they’d like.

  • How many gifts should I buy for the child I selected?
    Please purchase 2 gifts with your child in mind. Each guardian that shops for their kid(s) will be getting 2 gifts per kid. If you wish to purchase additional gifts for other children, you can shop for additional items from the same Amazon list. Please remember 2 gifts per child. Thank you for your generosity!

  • If my child has a coat on their tag what else should I purchase?
    Thank you for buying gifts for this child and keeping them warm this winter! Please purchase 1 coat and 1 gift from the list for their gender and age group. If you are feeling generous, you are welcome to purchase more.

  • Do I need to pick up or drop gifts off?
    You don’t need to do either. All purchasing and delivery will be done through Amazon. But you can volunteer in person to help us with sorting and processing at our warehouse!

  • How do I know how much a gift will cost?
    You can shop through the Amazon list for gifts that fall within your price range.

  • Can I deliver my gift straight to the family?
    No, we partner with organizations that support families in a way that offers parents the opportunity to shop for a gift for their child.

  • Are the Christmas shops happening at Crossroads sites?
    East Side, Mason, and Florence will host Christmas shops onsite. All other sites will host Christmas shops at our partner organizations. Check out your site page to sign up to serve.

  • I bought a gift for the prison ministry. Can I drop it off at a site?
    No, all gifts should be purchased on Amazon and gifts will be shipped to Christmas Wonderland for distribution to partner organizations.

  • What if I know someone who could use help getting gifts for their kid(s)?
    You are the church! If you know someone in need, follow the steps below to care for your neighbor. You can do it!

    • Start by having a conversation, don’t assume their needs. Afterall, CGD is more than a gift.
    • If they want to provide gifts for their family, then you could give them cash, a gift card, or take them shopping. If the need is a warm home-cooked meal, extra time on their hands, and/or community this can all be solved by inviting them over to your Christmas dinner.
    • Whatever you do, be sure to encourage them. Affirm the significance of their relationship with you. Affirm what is godly that you see in them. And affirm them in the hope of Jesus Christ.

Amazon FAQS

  • Can I ship my gift(s) directly from Amazon to my Crossroads site?
    No, gifts should be sent to the Christmas Gift Drive or Four Seven address provided at checkout on Amazon. Gifts purchased for children outside of Cincinnati will be distributed to local partners from the Christmas Wonderland.

  • Amazon shows that my gift(s) are arriving after normal business hours. Will the gifts be okay?
    Yes! This year gifts will be delivered to Christmas Wonderland, which will have accommodations for after-hour deliveries.

  • Can you see when gifts are delivered?
    Yes! Amazon allows you to “spoil your surprise.” We opted for this so that we can actively monitor the gift lists and deliveries.

  • What if my gift(s) shows up late?
    We are monitoring the lists to ensure that an item will in fact arrive on time. However, if something unexpected happens and the gift arrives after Christmas Gift Drive events, the gift will still be donated through partner organizations.

  • Amazon is telling me I need to add delivery times for the site I’m shopping for. What should I do?
    Amazon offers various delivery times. Rest assured that your gifts will arrive safely 24/7. We have accommodations for after-hour and Saturday and Sunday deliveries.

  • Amazon didn’t add a photo to their delivery. How can I know it was delivered?
    That’s alright, sometimes they don’t add photos! We’re keeping track of gifts ordered and delivered to make sure your gift arrives safely.

  • My gift returned undeliverable. What now?
    We are so sorry! Amazon will automatically refund your card/payment method. You are welcome to repurchase a gift through Amazon. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Christmas Prison FAQS

    • How can I learn more about the prison ministry?
      See the website of our partner, The Four Seven, here.

    • Where and when are all of the Christmas Miracle events?
      Check out the full list here.

    • Can I volunteer at an opposite sex prison?
      Yes, either gender can volunteer at either prison.

    • I signed up. What now?
      Look for an email within 48 hours with forms to fill out. Upon receipt of your forms, your information will be reviewed and forwarded to the team captain managing that location. You will be notified by the team captain about attending an upcoming info session where you will be able to ask questions and discuss participation. At this time, arrival and meeting times will also be confirmed.

    • May I volunteer at more than one location?
      Yes. You will indicate at sign up where would like to serve and the Four-Seven will ensure your paperwork is distributed accordingly. However, due to arrival and start times, please anticipate volunteering at ONE location per day. You are welcome to sign up and stay for two same-day Christmas Miracle events at the same location, if offered. You will be able to determine if this is offered on the signup form.

    • I heard there is paperwork to volunteer in the prisons…Where do I find it and how do I submit it?
      There are two required forms and once you sign up they will be emailed to you for completion (online) within 48 hours. Watch for an email from Sign Now. Once you submit these forms, you will receive a confirmation that your submission has been received.

    • Will there be carpooling to locations on Event Days?

      • Carpooling will be determined by your team captain. You may want to eat before you arrive or pack a few snacks to have in the car. You’ll be well-fed later! Your team captain will advise regarding departure times.
      • Carpooling is preferred (especially DCI). If you are driving directly to the institution, park in the VISITOR parking lot at each institution. Enter through the main entrance to assemble in the waiting area with the rest of the team. We will all be processed through security together.
    • What else do I need to know about entering a prison?
      Your team captain will be in touch with all necessary information related to travel, security, supplies, etc. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for their emails.

    • Still have questions?
      Call us...Really!! The Four-Seven office number is 513-229-7947…It’s GO Time and the WHOLE team needs to flow as ONE! So, we will respond as quickly as possible to get you connected in whatever way you need. You can also email us at
      All that we do is ONLY possible because of YOU...Thank you (in advance) for all we will get to do for families this season!