Christmas Gift Drive FAQS

  • Gifts wrapped or unwrapped?
    Unwrapped please!!! If it comes nicely wrapped we will have to unwrap it :( The GREAT news is that this is so the guardian(s) can see the options as they shop for their kid(s). We will make it all pretty at the very end, even letting the guardian(s) choose to wrap the gift if they’d like.

  • Do I have to use Amazon?
    #Shoplocal if you wanna! Generosity is kind and we’re not trying to be bossy so shop where you’d like.

    • Note: If you choose to purchase a gift for a child with an incarcerated parent please do purchase through Amazon because these gifts have already been approved to enter prisons (their security is pretty tight).

  • How do I know how much a gift will cost?
    All gifts will range from $10-$30. If you shop in a store you will be able to see the price tag on the item or shelf so please feel free to do that! If you choose to shop on Amazon you will also be able to see the price of the item on the right side of the gift like so:

  • Can I deliver my gift straight to the family?
    We work with organizations that support these families in a way that is sustainable. If you’d like to meet the families receiving gifts then you should check out our Christmas shop volunteer opportunities.

  • Are the Christmas shops happening at Crossroads sites?
    For East Side and Mason, yes. Otherwise we are volunteering at our partners locations where they host Christmas shops. Addresses for those shops will be sent out via email after you sign up.

  • My gift returned undeliverable. What now?
    We are so sorry! Amazon will automatically refund your card/payment method. You are welcome to purchase a gift from Amazon, or a local store, and drop it off in person at your site by 12/11 (unless you’re in Georgetown then 12/8 please). Thank you for your generosity!

  • I bought a gift for the prison ministry. Can I drop it off at a site?
    You are welcome to drop the gift off at your local site please let the site staff know you bought it for the prison events and they can label your gift.

    • The site staff will need to let know so she can pick up the gift(s)

  • What if I know someone who could use help getting gifts for their kid(s)?
    You are the church! If you know someone in need, follow the steps below to care for your neighbor. You can do it!

    • Start by having a conversation, don’t assume their needs. Afterall, CGD is more than a box.
    • If they want to provide gifts for their family then you cold give them cash, a gift card, or take them shopping. If the need is a warm home cooked meal, extra time, on their hands, and/or community this can all be solved by inviting them over to your Christmas dinner. (Jesus tip: you don’t have to know someone to invite them to your table “I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35)
    • Whatever you do, be sure to encourage them. Affirm the significance of their relationship to you. Affirm what is Godly that you see in them. And affirm them in the hope of Jesus Christ.

Amazon FAQS

  • Can I ship my gift(s) directly from Amazon to my Crossroads site?
    If you attend Crossroads Oakley, we kindly ask that you have the gift(s) delivered to your home and then return the gift(s) to Oakley by Dec 11th. The Amazon elves and Oakley elves are just on different schedules this year.
    For any other site, you may ship gifts directly from Amazon to Crossroads.

  • Can you see when gifts are delivered?
    Yes! Amazon allows you to “spoil your surprise.” We opted for this so that we can actively monitor the gift lists and deliveries.

  • What if my gift(s) shows up late?
    We are monitoring the lists to assure that items arrive on time! However, if something crazy happens the gift will still be donated, even if it arrives after our Christmas shops end. If you’re concerned about not contributing a gift before the Christmas shops take place you are welcome to shop at a nearby store and drop the gift(s) off at a local Crossroads location.

  • Amazon is telling me I need to add delivery times for the site I’m shopping for. What should I do?
    The delivery times are already in Amazon there is no reason they should be asking you for this information. Please be assured that you do not need to add this information.
    However, if you feel more comfortable adding in hours, here are the hours for delivery:
    Mason: Mon-Thurs 9:00am-8:30pm
    Oakley: Please do not ship your gift from Amazon directly to Oakley, but bring your gift to Crossroads Oakley by Sunday, Dec. 11th.
    Dayton: all days and hours
    East Side: Mon-Thurs 9:00am-4:00pm
    West Side: Mon-Thurs 9:00am-3:00pm
    Florence: Mon-Thurs 9:00am-3:00pm
    Lexington: Mon-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm
    Georgetown: Mon-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm
    Prison ministry: all days and hours

  • Amazon didn’t add a photo to their delivery. How can I know it was delivered?
    That’s alright, sometimes they don’t add photos! Sites can view deliveries and are monitoring them. We’re counting what is purchased and what comes in through mail to assure that your gift makes it to a child.

Christmas Prison FAQS

  • Prison addresses, gender of prison, and arrival times:
    (DCI) Dayton Correctional Institution - 4104 Germantown St, Dayton, OH 45417 [Females]
    Plan to arrive no later than 9:00am for morning shop / 3:00pm for afternoon shop

    (LeCI) Lebanon Correctional Institution - 3791 OH-63, Lebanon, OH 45036 [Male]
    Plan to arrive no later than 8:00 am for morning shop / 1:30pm for afternoon shop

    (LoCI) London Correctional Institution - 1580 State Route 56 London, Ohio 43140 [Male]
    Plan to arrive no later than 8:00 am

    (MaCI) Madison Correctional Institution - 1852 State Route 56 PO Box 740, London, OH, 43140 [Male]
    Plan to arrive no later than 7:00am for morning shop / 1:00pm for afternoon shop

    WCI Warren Correctional Institution - 5787 OH-63, Lebanon, OH 45036 [Male]
    Plan to arrive no later than 9:00 am for morning shop/ 3:00pm for afternoon shop

  • May I volunteer at more than one location?
    Heck yes! You’ll simply need to fill out the volunteer form multiple times, selecting one day/time at a time. Please anticipate volunteering at one location per day unless, when applicable, you volunteer at 2 events in the prison the same day.

  • Will there be carpooling to locations on Event Days?
    We are carpooling from Crossroads Mason - Meet up location is 990 Reading Rd, Mason, OH 45040. You may want to eat before you arrive or pack a few snacks to have in the car. You’ll be well fed later! Location Team Captains will advise regarding departure times.

    • Carpooling is preferred (especially DCI) If you are driving directly to the institution, park in the VISITOR parking lot at each institution. Enter through the main entrance to assemble in the waiting area with the rest of the team. We will all be processed through security together.
    • If you are delivering food, water, etc. to be taken to a location (if you don’t have a’s NOT you) please allow enough time to complete any transfers prior to designated departure times

  • What do I need to know about arriving at the institution?
    ALL volunteers (unless previously arranged) MUST BE PRESENT to enter at the appointed arrival time to process through security.

    • All food, supplies and media/photography volunteers will process through first (with their equipment) and then all other volunteers will enter together.
    • If you arrive for a 2nd or afternoon shift you may be processed through as families depart. Please present your driver’s license and identify yourself as a Four-Seven/Crossroads Christmas Volunteer team member.
    • REMINDER: Please leave all cell phones / smartwatches and personal items in your locked cars.

  • What is my appointed arrival time?
    (DCI) Dayton Correctional Institution
    Plan to arrive no later than 9:00am for morning shop / 3:00pm for afternoon shop

    (LeCI) Lebanon Correctional Institution
    Plan to arrive no later than 8:00 am for morning shop / 1:30pm for afternoon shop

    (LoCI) London Correctional Institution
    Plan to arrive no later than 8:00 am

    (MaCI) Madison Correctional Institution
    Plan to arrive no later than 7:00am for morning shop / 1:00pm for afternoon shop

    WCI Warren Correctional Institution
    Plan to arrive no later than 9:00 am for morning shop/ 3:00pm for afternoon shop

  • What do I wear?
    You are welcome to drop the gift off at your local site please let the site staff know you bought it for the prison events and they can label your gift.

    • Be comfortable yet conservative...Recommended: jeans and sweater or t-shirt (short/long sleeve) w/closed toed shoes or boots
    • All attire worn upon entry into the facility must be worn throughout the duration of the visit, with the exception of appropriate outerwear (i.e. coats, hats, and gloves). There we will be a designated place for ALL volunteer outwear
    • Ladies, sports bras are preferred (NO underwire bras)
    • No smartwatches or fitness monitors (such as fitbits)
    • No inappropriate attire

  • What is inappropriate attire?

    • See-through clothing of any kind
    • ANY sleeveless clothing
    • V-cut Low-cut sweaters or clothing
    • Skirts, dresses, shorts, skorts, or culottes
    • Wrap-around skirts/dresses or break-away type pants
    • Clothing with any gang related markings
    • Camouflage clothing of any kind
    • Clothing with pictures, slogans, language and/or gestures. (ONLY small logos are permitted)
    • Form-fitted clothing made from Spandex or Lycra or other similar knit material such as leotards, leggings, tight jeans, or tight pants
    • Clothing with inappropriate holes/rips, including shoulder cut-outs
    • Purses, handbags, backpacks, or similar items are not permitted (we realize we start early and it may be a long day, if you have medicine you need to take NOTIFY US and we will alert the proper institution staff for authorization to bring it in a clear plastic bag)

    To ensure all visitors clear the metal detector please also avoid the following:
    • Hairpins
    • Boots and shoes with steel toes
    • Clothing with multiple zippers
    • Excessive jewelry

  • What if I have an implanted device?
    You must provide a physician’s card or letter for any implanted devices that may set off the metal detector (i.e. artificial limbs, hips, etc.) Without this paperwork you will be denied entry.

  • For Media/Photographers:
    A detailed list of ALL camera and videographer equipment must have been submitted previously

  • What can I bring inside?

    • You MUST BRING your driver’s license to be admitted
    • ONE car key on your keyring or single keyfob
    • If you are a special guest and have been asked to provide an entry list for equipment/supplies - NOTHING not previously approved can be permitted ( extra battery would be turned away)
      • Please note some items on your list (although listed) may STILL be questioned and require final approval/or be denied entrance by the check-in officer
    • One sealed bottle of water may be brought in.
    • Other drinks, such as fast food beverages and coffee, are prohibited.
    • No weapons or knives or any tobacco items are permitted inside.

  • What are the event activities? What will I actually be doing?
    Volunteer Team Captains will be present at each event to assist and will direct you to the following teams:

    • Set Up/Clean Up - Help coordinate before-event decorations/during and after clean up
    • Decorating - prior to the arrival of families
    • Gift Wrap - personal shoppers helping residents select and wrap gifts for their children
    • Meal Team - Help coordinate food prep and serving each family at their tables
    • Hospitality Team -Greeting families, assisting with small children, assisting with departure of families
    • Prayer Team - Help Coordinate prayer stations so that residents and families can receive prayer, if requested.
    • Activities - Help coordinate fun family table activities ...for this event we are strongly encouraging 'family time.' Activities are available only to, for example, busy 'fidgety tots,' create keepsakes and encourage family fun.

  • If I am volunteering inside is there a way for others to reach me?
    As noted, all cell phones, smartwatches must be left in your locked car. For EMERGENCY CONTACT ONLY you may provide the institution's published phone number. Callers must advise you are a part of the Christmas Miracle Inmate & Families Event
    DCI (937) 263-0060
    LeCI (513) 932-1211
    LoCI (740-852-2454)
    MaCI (740) 852-9777
    WCI (513) 932-3388

  • I heard there is paperwork to volunteer in prison…Where do I find it and how do I submit it?
    We keep it simple! There is 1 link with 2 forms in it and they are EASILY completed at sign up! If you’ve already signed up they should be completed, but if you’re unsure here they are. Once they’re finished just hit “finish.” The Four-Seven (our prison ministry partner) will reach out to you if there are ANY questions at all.

  • When completing the DRC 1500 Nexus please see can be a little tricky!
    1. Full Name: Legal name(as it appears on your driver's license)
    2. Job Title: Volunteer
    3. Oaks#: NA
    4. Current Work Location: NA
    5. Select: Section I, II or III
    6. Sign & Date (under Staff)

  • Can I volunteer if I have ever been incarcerated personally?
    Yes, you can. As long as you are not currently on probation or parole and it has been at least one year since your release.

  • If I am in contact with someone inside the prison can I also volunteer there?
    Sorry, no. You cannot have communication with an incarcerated person at a prison you have selected to volunteer. That means no phone calls, emails, letters, even communication with a person’s family. ALL communication with incarcerated individuals (at any facility) must be disclosed on a Nexus 1500 you complete form prior to your approval.

  • May I bring an extra guest ‘to help out’ on the day of the event?
    No. All volunteers going inside the prison must complete the proper paperwork when they sign up by DEC 5, 2022. The paperwork is electronic and is a link on the signup form. Once you submit that paperwork electronically through the link you are finished!

  • Still have questions?
    Give our partner, The Four-Seven, a ring. The office number is 513-229-7947 and email is They will respond as quickly as possible to get you connected in whatever way you need. All that we do is ONLY possible because of YOU...Thank you (in advance) for all we will get to do for families this season!