Coalition to End Child Sexual Abuse (CECSA)

A collective focused on protecting the most innocent amongst us.

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The best place to get started is to sign up and receive the Stewards of Children training. Visit our Facebook page to see upcoming trainings that we are hosting or visit Darkness to Light and see if there are any training sessions being offered in your area.

If you do not see a date that works for you please contact us at and we’ll try to get something on the calendar or notify you of upcoming trainings.

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Are you an authorized facilitator for Stewards of Children already and looking for ways to increase your impact? Are you interested in becoming an authorized facilitator? Do you have a passion for child sexual abuse prevention and are already pursuing your own initiatives? Are you a concerned member of the community and not sure where you fit in?

Contact us to hear about ways you can protect children in our community and in your home.

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about CECSA

Child sex abuse is one of the most horrific evils that exists in the world today and has been prevalent throughout human history. Until we all stand together as a community and become intentional about preventing child sex abuse it will remain hidden and flourish behind closed doors and in the darkest crevices of our society.

Our culture has come a long ways in the past several decades in reducing the prevalence of child sexual abuse and lessoning the stigma that encompasses this topic. However, the statistics are still staggering and only through further discussion, openness and support will we continue to reduce the risk for our children being harmed.

  • 1 in 10 children will experience child sexual abuse before the age of 181
  • 90% of child sexual abuse victims are abused by somebody they know1
  • 60% of victims are abused by somebody the family trusts1
  • Youth are the victims in 66% of all sexual offenses reported to law enforcement2

What are we doing about it?
Crossroads has teamed up with a national nonprofit Darkness to Light and a group of concerned individuals and likeminded organizations within our community that are focused on the mission of prevention of child sexual abuse. To hear more about our mission and services we provide please visit our Facebook page.

Who are we?
CECSA is a Coalition of community members and partnering organizations committed to the vision of ending child sexual abuse through prevention training, community awareness and policy change. As individuals we are leveraging our personal and professional networks to make a cultural shift in the fight against child sexual abuse. Our members are made of a diverse set of backgrounds, professional experiences and personal reasons for being involved in this fight. We are unified in our vision for wanting to protect children and improve the lives of everyone in our community through education and awareness.


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  2. Snyder, H. N. (2000). Sexual assault of young children as reported to law enforcement: Victim, incident, and offender characteristics. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Retrieved January 12, 2009 from


Night of Empowerment for Protecting our Children

Child sexual abuse is a threat to our children and recent events in Springboro (link*) have highlighted the need to ensure that we do everything we can to educate ourselves on how to protect our children. There are practical steps you can take to implement and influence policies at the institutions and organizations your children are a part of that will help keep them safe.

Please join us for an evening of education and recommendations from experts within our community that care passionately about the health of our children.

When: September 12, 2019 | 6:30-8:30 pm
Where: Atrium Medical Center / Auditorium 1 - 5th Floor / Middletown, OH