Building Blocks for Marriage

Build a strong foundation for your marriage based on biblical principles.

We believe that an essential part of the premarital process is to understand and learn as much about yourself and your future spouse as possible, and to build relationship skills. This involves discovering what you have in common, uncovering areas where you differ and learning how to be a thriving couple amid those differences. Research and experience show that couples have an improved first several years of marriage when they invest in skill building before they wed. (It’s like learning to drive before you hop in the car.)

Building Blocks for Marriage classes are currently held at Crossroads sites in Cincinnati four times a year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. They focus on skill building, relationships and stories of married couples’ lives. The classes are held on three consecutive Saturdays from 8:30am to 2:30pm. The topics covered include: personalities, family heritage, biblical marriage, prayer, communication, love languages, sex, conflict resolution and forgiveness. The classes are a combination of large group teaching, small group discussion facilitated by a married couple, and one-on-one time with your future spouse.

You can sign up for a future Building Blocks for Marriage session by clicking here.

Fall 2019 at Oakley - September 14, 21, and 28

*The class is $160 per couple, which covers 5 meals for each of you and 3 books to share.

*For couples who will be entering into a blended family relationship, you are required to attend the Step Sessions - three 2+ hour sessions outside of Saturday mornings. These discussions are focused on increasing awareness of the value of having informed step-parenting skills and building community with others in stepfamily situations. Childcare and lunch are provided.

Please note: Building Blocks for Marriage is a stand-alone class and attending it does not indicate that you are in the Crossroads premarital process. In fact, about half the couples that take Building Blocks don’t get married at Crossroads or by a Crossroads pastor. If you’re interested in using a Crossroads marrying pastor and/or a Crossroads Chapel for your ceremony, email to get started.

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