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The Blue Team is a team of self-declared tithers at Crossroads who have said they are willing to accept a greater responsibility for the mission that God has given to the Crossroads community.

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What is a tither?

Tithing means giving the first 10% of your gross income to your church. And it’s the biblical cornerstone of giving. Tithing is established in the Old Testament (Gen 14:20, Gen 28:20-22, Deut 26:1-2, 2 Chron 31:4-5), and it is reaffirmed by Jesus (Luke 11:42). The examples we have in scripture show tithe money supporting the work of the local faith community. In our context that equals the local church.

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blue team

Blue Team Members

agree to:

Declaring Crossroads as your church.

Tithing, defined as giving 10% of your gross income to your church, in this case Crossroads.

Committing to pray for the Kingdom mission Crossroads is given.

Willing to be on your site’s primary communication list to receive important news or calls to action in pursuit of our collective mission.

Blue Team Members

will receive:

The Locker Room: A monthly video from Brian Tome with encouragement, coaching, insider information, and teaching.

An invitation to the Family Meeting in the Fall.

Access to Encounter Israel trips (when travel is permitted to restart).

An annual, limited edition Blue Team sticker.

*The Blue Team is an annual commitment and will be reorganized every Spring.

Why is tithing the requirement for Blue Team participation?

Because of the size and breadth of Crossroads, it is always difficult to know whose hearts are truly invested in our community. According to Jesus in Matthew 6:21, the best way to know if someone’s heart is in line with the mission that God has given to us is to look to see where their treasure is deposited. If someone is not “in” financially, they are never fully in, even if they dedicate a lot of time to that endeavor (which is important).

The tithe is income-based so it does not discriminate in favor of the wealthy, ensuring everyone has equal access to the Blue Team.

The Blue Team is self-declared. We trust that people who sign up are following Jesus when he says our yes should be yes (Matt 5:37) and that they are adhering to the tithing definition outlined above.

If you are new to Crossroads, or if you aren't tithing, that’s okay. Crossroads is still for you and we are thrilled that you are part of our community. You can always sign up for the Blue Team when you are ready. To learn more about our views on giving and tithing, please check out the Blessed Life series that we did in Fall 2019.

Ready to declare yourself as part of the Blue Team?

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